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TF2 - Another Closed Captions Project!

A GUI Mod for Team Fortress 2


V.1.1 Hotfix / Quick Patch! 19d
  • Addition Added a set of "Alternate Colors", which are hopefully more distinct. They do not -replace- the existing ones!
  • Adjustment Saturated the "default" colors a tiny bit more, so they stand out better from the background / eachother!
  • Adjustment Went back over the Laugh lines again - they were inconsistent in quality.
  • Adjustment Added -marginal- more support for a few more of the Action Taunts' closed captions (not many voice lines, sadly.)

Another new, and now up-to-date captions project!

Notice! Mileage may vary if you have a Custom HUD. Read more at the bottom of this post!!

This mod partially supports Team Fortress 2 Classic and Open Fortress

Hello again! This lil' ol' number of a mod of mine's been a long time comin' - almost half a decade and some change more! So, lemme explain how we meandered over to this spot.

Some years back, I was a wee lad, with a modding itch for TF2. One of my very first interactions with mods, in terms of doin' my own editing, was with a Caption mod, back in the day. Of course, it fell out of the update loop - and thus fell out of the public mind. Hell, Not even I remember what it was, anymore. I'm still lookin' for clues, what the original captions project and its creator even was.

That leads us to now! Over the years, I'd taken it upon myself - as a personal project, to just, keep them maintained. I fell behind the curve multiple times - especially as my interest in TF2 grew and fell - but, damn, if they didn't get updated. And today - I figure I've done enough modification, and it covers nearly all of the playable Class' lines, so it should be done, finally. So, here it is!

This Captions Mod supports almost all of TF2's caption-able voice lines.

  • Every class is fully captioned, with their respective colors and prefix tags to help identify who's talking. (For those latter 2 points, gotta give credit to the original creator, whoever or wherever they are.)
  • Pyro is fully captioned, too. His muffled speech is still as unintelligible as ever - but more or less match up both with the audio and what she might be saying underneath! (Demoman's gibberish is here as well.)
  • Non-speaking noises such as laughter, pain, guffaws, scoffs, and other sounds are almost completely transliterated! No more vague '*evil laughter*'! (Except for some really awkward-to-translate cases...)
  • Several non-verbal noises have been captioned as well - though not transliterated. These are object sounds! That would be weird.
  • Liberal use of italics, and bolds, and even some delays - to bring out even the smallest of intonation differences in the voices! Hear a Demoman scream for a Medic! Like music to the ears.
  • Lines currently go all the way up to the most recent Competitive Mode lines batch - more or less the last of the voice acting for the time being! Rest in Peace, Soldier.
  • (Many other lines, such as the Administrator's and Pauling's lines, are translated too, though it's more than likely they won't ever show up in-game...)
  • Support for Team Fortress 2 Classic's Civilian, and Open Fortress' Mercenary classes, at the time of writing!

It's really been a long time, comin'. It's a big project, and I do hope y'all enjoy. Sorry for the big wall! Though I guess y'all are used to it..!

I still really, really would like to find and credit the original author - but any trace of them and their mod seems to have completely disappeared, and no amount of searching brings it up. If it's of any help, I started this in 2013, at the least.

But, that's enough of that, for now. Y'all! Knock yourselves out!

On Action Taunts:
(A quick note on Action Taunts - I've captioned all of the voice lines themselves, but due to how TF-Team set the more recent voice lines up, action taunts included, it's a huge tossup between "no caption appears, ever", and "one caption appears that encompasses 13+ different lines", and even "this taunt uses captions from another taunt entirely!?"

Until they decide to clean things up, captioning the Action Taunts fully will likely be impossible...)


On HUD Support:
Hello again! I've been busy investigating some random crashes with some colleagues (Fellow modders Yakibomb & sarCATstic), and discovered that, while the Caption Mod doesn't affect most HUDs on its own at all, just as expected, certain HUDs that change or modify the box the captions appear in, such as making it smaller, can run into problems with this.

For these, the culprit is usually in "MyHudModName/scripts/hudlayout.res", in a section about midway down typically, "HudCloseCaption"

Since many HUDs are different, try pasting this over the relevant part!!
"fieldName" "HudCloseCaption"
"visible" "1"
"enabled" "1"
"xpos" "c-250"
"ypos" "276" [$WIN32]
"ypos" "236" [$X360]
"wide" "500"
"tall" "136" [$WIN32]
"tall" "176" [$X360]

"BgAlpha" "128"

"GrowTime" "0.25"
"ItemHiddenTime" "0.2"
"ItemFadeInTime" "0.15"
"ItemFadeOutTime" "0.3"
"topoffset" "0"
This'll restore the captions box to what it usually is! See if it still crashes. If not, you can start tweaking it to fit the HUD you're using - or contact the HUD keeper to see if they are willing to tweak it!

Sorry for this messy fix!!! I do hope it works for y'all that were having issues...

'n ~


After doing some idle, really obscure digging, I found what very well seems to be the original Captions Mod from all those years back. It was originally part of QyenidQuartz's "Team Fortress 2 Captions", apparently. As I surmised, it went up to the Engineer Update and, after that, faded to obscurity - Not even 7, but 9 years ago!! I'm a little stoked to finally have found out where it originally came from.

Here it is, if you wanna check the old thing out.
I'm certainly having fun spotting the differences from way back then. Glad to finally be able to have closure knowing where this originally came from.


Alternate File Sources

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Maintaining, updating, editing, & adding to the Captions file
Original Authors
Creation of the original Captions mod this is forked off of, over 9 years ago.


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SilentFox3 Joined 7y ago
10,286 points Ranked 609th
15 medals 2 rare
  • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
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