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Colorful Xbox UI

A GUI Mod for Persona 4 Golden (PC)


Tweak 3 5d
  • Adjustment Updated information on SK/mod loader compatibility.
Tweak 2 6d Amendment Tweak 1 7d Amendment Version 1.1 19d Improvement Tweak2

Replaces the Xbox controller UI with colorful button prompts.

This mod replaces the Xbox controller UI with colorful button prompts that match the standard controller.

If you're looking for colorful PS4 icons, kasaski has made a lovely mod for that here!

This is the first mod I've made for, well, anything, so please let me know if I missed a texture or if there's something that can be improved.


  1. Set up TGEnigma's mod loader. Certain versions of Special K and the mod loader don't play nice together. Don't try to update either one if you find a combination that works unless there's a big change.
  2. Download from this page.
  3. Extract the folder and place it in (p4g_dir)\mods. The full file path will be (p4g_dir)\mods\data00004\init_free.bin.
  4. Launch P4G through Reloaded-II (setup instructions are in the p4gpc-modloader readme).

If you don't see the colorful icons, try installing the new beta branch of P4G. This update only replaces P4G.exe and the movie files, so don't worry about your mods unless you have altered the FMVs.

Mod Merging:

If you have another mod that alters data0004\init-free.bin, you will need to manually merge this mod. Using Amicitia or some other program, replace init/camp.arc\c_main01x2.spr\Textures\c_help02 with the TMX file in


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  • access_time 6d
    It's now finally working!!! I haven't redownloaded it or anything, especially as the update is just a warning about the other versions of the game. I'm currently using the public hotfix beta and now I have the Xbox UI!!!
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  • bodacious12 avatar
    bodacious12 Joined 15d ago
    access_time 8d
    Is it possible to get the original gray icons? I kinda want them for a modding project of mine
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  • KuroOu14 avatar
    KuroOu14 Joined 9d ago
    access_time 9d
    I'm not sure whether this is still relevant for everyone still having issues or not, but if the mod isn't working for you disable "Xbox Configuration Support" in the controller settings. Once I did that the mod worked fine. For some reason having it enabled overrides the mod with the default icons...
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  • access_time 15d
    Are these the button graphics that are supposed to be replaced? Every mod I have is working except for this one, and I can't figure out why. The init_free.bin is in data00004, is that not where it needs to be?
    video games
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  • access_time 18d
    So I'm having a bit of trouble getting this to work, I am just now starting to get mods for P4G and followed MadMax's guide 100%, and now I'm trying to use this. I've downloaded it, made a mods folder in the P4G folder in the /steamapps/common section and then put the data00004 folder in, and then have launched the game both through reloaded and steam (I followed those instructions to be able to do that) and it hasn't work each time I've tried it. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Bananers Joined 4y ago
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    access_time 19d
    Sorry, which program is it to merge the mods together? I'm not sure where to find it.
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  • MadMax1960 avatar
    MadMax1960 Joined 8mo ago
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    access_time 19d
    Iirc Xbox/Switch pro controller have shared buttons, so this will also color the switch pro controller buttons. 
    I have achieved Le_Comedy
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Pixelguin Joined 19d ago
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