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Garm3n Hud 7.8 (Fan Edit)

A GUI Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Update 1F (Part 1.5) 2d
  • Feature Added 4Plug Settings! For a lot easier customization. (Crosshairs, Borders, etc)
  • Addition Added 3D Player Model on Scoreboard on MinMode.
  • Removal Removed custom BG on Loadout-Craft-etc.
  • Adjustment Changed Main Menu Backgrounds.
Update 1F (Part 1) 21d Addition4 Adjustment2 BugFix2 Removal2 Update 1D 24d Addition Update 1C 24d BugFix Addition Adjustment Update 1a 27d Removal Addition Improvement

Hud Fan Edit.

This is my edit of Garm3n 7MF Hud, and I wanted to share it with everyone!

Quick Description:

A simple hud that combines stuff from Garm3n 8MF with the 7MF Version. (And there goes the name) 

An extra stuff coming from myself and other huds too!

Please notify me about any errors or bugs about the hud.
As well, you can put your suggestions here! I would really appreciate it.

I will update this hud by time on time too.

NOTE: Transparent Viewmodels are disabled by default.

Extra Stuff:
  • - Transparent Viewmodels
  • - Weapon Crosshairs
  • - Custom Crosshairs
  • - Multiple Backgrounds

  • Garm3n - As the original creator of the hud.
  • MR.D ❤ (aka. ミスターD~❧) - As the person who tested this hud and helped me a lot.

As well... I want to credit to this other huds that I use as inspiration! 

Sunset Hud, Prism Hud.

My Steam:

Hope you enjoy it! :3


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  • zoitd avatar
    zoitd Joined 7mo ago
    access_time 22d
    this hud is very good, but I think the menu has a lot of * useless * things that should be shown in a simpler way (by placing a button) and also the letter is a little small with this amount of thing.

    Suggestion: You should be able to zoom in on the character when you are editing the mercenary.

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    Gamer Speedwagon username pic Joined 1y ago
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    Gamer Speedwagon avatar
    Gamer Speedwagon
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    The Starboard Crusaders [SCS]
    access_time 24d
    who actually thinks using a zalgo font for the health and ammo is a good idea
    Professionals have standards. avatar
    Professionals have standards.
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  • Studicos avatar
    Studicos Joined 12mo ago
    access_time 25d
    I've used this so far for the past few days since its release. I'll try to elaborate on what I like and what I feel could be improved/adjusted/tweaked. 

    Side note: I'm focusing more on the elements of the HUD "during in-game" since I personally don't have much to say about the menus aside from maybe a 4:3 support fix later on.


    - It displays the more important information (hp, ammo, class, charge meters for specific items) without needing to look too far toward the corner of your screen, forcing you to look away from the objective or other enemies nearby (for me at least even with a 1920 x 1080 monitor, I tend to use 4:3, 1024 x 768 out of preference).

    - Considering there's an element where the box below your class icon and hp shows what weapon you're using. I'd say this could help some people in case you from time to time could forget due to switching between whichever.


    - Currently only 2 people have brought it up before I said it but the difficulty of seeing how much health or ammo I have from time to time due to BOTH the font itself and its size does lead to an issue if I need to see it flashing red to finally notice. I personally like it though while not minding it THAT much, I know others will wish you have left a custom folder with the option of adding files with alternate font choices.

    - Some text and labels end up completely cut off if you change the resolution to anything else from 16:9.

    Suggestions: I'd say since I don't really care that much while it covers the more important stuff in game already, here are some things you can consider as (optional) within the customization folder:

    - Alternate Folders/files for the following: To re-adjust the position of stuff like chat, killfeed, the hp and ammo display themselves. Can also make the boxes behind the information more transparent so it isn't just a big black spot covering a bit of your screen.

    - I noticed this hud also comes with it's own configs (I had my own in my cfg folder which ended up conflicting with each other causing the preload command to not work) maybe if it is possible, could make an alt option where it comes without those or is less altering of some things already in one's game for some people who might have commands that they would prefer to keep still functional WITH the hud installed.

    - Also could look into finding up-to-date files for making the hud compatible for most if not all resolutions so more players who prefer anything other than 16:9 could look into this hud as a viable option and enjoy it.

    - Maybe should add the option of applying BIGGER versions of the fonts in this hud because they do from time to time blend into stuff where I myself ended up not seeing certain things (numbers, some wording, etc.).

    - At some point, if you do add more to the hud, maybe make it where the hud also works just as much on other gamemodes (Mann vs Machine, Mannpower, Passtime, etc. Basically other gamemodes besides casual.)

    Final Thoughts: I have used the Garm3n hud with it's separate alt versions before so this one isn't so bad while I personally still like the style from them. I do like the little slideshow you placed on the main menu that also follows to the loadout and other menus so it does have a bit a unique style of its own. I tried not to be too picky though only going off of what I remember for now. I haven't seen anything broken or bugs where it is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT and NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW ASAP. So I guess there's that in case other people leave a review in the future. The hud is nice, I like it, hopefully you add some more things. If not based off the original Garm3n then your own aesthetics which I'd be interested in as well. 

    Just another bystander..
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  • ScoutThe avatar
    ScoutThe Joined 5y ago
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    access_time 25d
    B r u h

    the ( ( F O N T ) )
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  • access_time 25d
    Just Monika.

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  • Blitz_Panther avatar
    Blitz_Panther Joined 3y ago
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    access_time 27d
    Jesus that font.
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Key Authors
�Jofre Problem�
The guy who submit the Fan Edit.
MR.D ❤ / ミスターD~❧
HUD Tester.
Original Authors
Original creator of the HUD.
Updater of the original HUD.


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Jofre Problem. Joined 2y ago
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Jofre Problem.
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