Linkle Mod - Armor Icons

A GUI Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


  • Addition Desert Voe Set Icons
  • Addition Old Shirt and Worn Pants Icons

I meant to do two more sets, but I got a bit distracted today with snow and throughout the week I've been trying to start the icons for Switch.

Worn and Voe Sets! (weird choices, I know...) 9d
  • Overhaul Cemu folder now works as Cemu 1.15 graphics pack
  • Removal Old styled icons
  • Tweak "Nintendo Switch Shirt"s in each folder based on the platform it's supposed to be for
Not Dead Update ver. 1.1 15d
"Anyone working on icons?" Yup.

So, these icons are some of the first icons I made for lynard killer's Linkle Mod. I'm working on making icons for each armor piece and each color variant.

After some time, I've tweaked out some details, and have started working on a new style of icons for the Linkle Mod. I figured I'd post these here to let people try out some icons, get used to replacing the armor icons, and to let people know that we do have icons planned for the mod.

I'll update this page as I make new icons.

Definitely bug me on the BotW Modding Hub discord! I'm @BranWar, so ping me all you want to give me feedback, ideas for menu backgrounds, or just to remind me to get off my lazy butt and work on the icons!

If you're thinking of making your own icons for your own armor mods, let me know! I'd be glad to help and share some folders and files I made to work on them.
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Port the Switch icons The rest of the icons... Make it Cemu 1.15 friendly
  • They look great ! Can't wait to downlaod this on my Wii U when finished :)
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  • Dichotomy avatar
    Dichotomy Joined 15d ago
    Really looking forward to this on the switch. Will you be posting a new project on that page or only updating here?
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  • Spikol avatar
    Spikol Joined 16d ago
    Could you update it to Work for cemu as a graphic Pack for 1.15.0 
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  • Hello, how do I install this in my wii u?
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  • earlsj avatar
    earlsj Joined 6mo ago
    Hey I've been having idea's for the moding community. Can someone make the fierce deity sword from two handed to one handed. Add the four sword weapon to the game to replace golden claymore. And add the zelda oot boomarg skin to replace the wooden one. Also make the starter hammer into the megaton hammer. I tried and failed but I think y'all can make it possible. Also you should change the raft to the king of red lions. Make one of the shields the spinner from zelda TP. Change the warp sound to either one of the oot teleport songs or from zelda mm. Make bombs into oot bombs. Make mask from mm to replace dlc mask. Make the pendant from botw into oot pendant. Make new bosses into old bosses from oot. Make monster look like they were from the old games.. mostly oot  please
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  • Thank you, you beautiful person.
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  • Why does the actual linkle model look like the icons 
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Switch Conversion Tutorial
Graphics Pack Setup for Cemu 1.15


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