RelEvent's Pointless Stageplate Pack Revamped V2

A GUI Mod for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)


  • Addition 10 additional stageplates
  • Addition 2 upcoming stages nameplates
Wave 3 is here! 23d
  • Tweak Changed "Pokemon" in the Johto Pokémon Stadium stageplate to "Pokémon"
  • Tweak Fixed Typo : "Port Town Areo Dive (Night)" to "Port Town Aero Dive (Night)"

Thanks to Keegster23 for pointing out the "Pokémon Stadium" typo! :D

Wave 3 soon?

Hotfix | RPSP Revamped v1.2 30d
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Taking (pointless?) requests!

Hi there. I'm RelEvent.

I've just discovered the magic of GFD's Improved Sm4sh Injector Pack by, well G_F_D, and so I've decided to make those. Honestly I don't think they'll be useful to many. However, just in case, I'd rather just post them here.

I made nameplates for these stages :

Wave 1 :
- Cherry Galaxy : Cherry Galaxy by geksz
- Coliseum (Night) : Night-Time Coliseum by Dr. HyperCake
- Dark Lylat Cruise : Dark Lylat Cruise by Rai_
- Jet Set Aero Dive : Neon Jet Set Aero Dive by CommanderDucky
- Mystic Mansion : Mystic Mansion + Soundtrack by CommanderDucky
- Onett (SNES) : SNES Onett by tinsaudia
- PM Castle Siege : Castle Siege (Project M) by Dr. HyperCake 
- Sakuraville : Sakuraville by Kurenai~
- Space Battlefield : Space Battlefield V2.6 by A Jewel of Rarity
- Sweet Hill Zone : Sweet Hill Zone by CommanderDucky
- Town & City (Winter) : Winter Town and City! by K-night_
- Yoshi's Playroom : Yoshi's Playroom (Regular and Omega) by CommanderDucky

Wave 2 :
- Castle Siege (Night) : Night-Time Castle Siege by Dr. HyperCake 
- Town & City (Spring) : Spring Town and City by K-night_
- Town & City (Autumn) : Autumn Town and City - New Leaves Update! by K-night_
- Skyview Coliseum : Skyview Coliseum by geksz
- Johto Bell Tower Stadium : Johto Bell Tower Stadium by Mewtwo20XX 
- Smashville (Autumn) : Autumn Smashville by K-night_
- Johto Pokemon Stadium : Johto Pokémon Stadium (Wi-Fi Safe) by Mewtwo20XX
- Peach's Castle HD : Peach's Castle (64) HD by C2P0
- Purple & Black Lylat Cruise : Purple and Black Lylat Cruise  by Dragonslayerx57
- Port Town Aero Dive (Night) : Midnight Port Town Aero Dive by BananaLewis 
- Springville : Springville by tobinator2412 
- Spear Pillar Battlefield : Spear Pillar Battlefield by Mewtwo20XX 
- Galaxy Cruise : Galaxy Cruise (+Soundtrack) by CommanderDucky
- City Wrecking Crew (Night) : Night time-City Wrecking Crew (Texture Mod) by GAZcos 
- Chocolate Island : Chocolate Island by CommanderDucky
+ BONUS : MVD's Favourite for Lylat

Wave 3 :
- Arcade City : Arcade City by iMangoVerde
- Beachville : Beachville by Kurenai~
- Kakariko Village : Kakariko Village (Twilight Princess) by Dr. HyperCake
- Pokéville : Smashville Pokémon League (v1.3) by Demonslayerx8
- Radical Highway : Radical Highway by NNEBF
- Ruined World : Ruined World by Demonslayerx8
- Snowpeak : Snowpeak by Dr. HyperCake
- Spear Pillar : Spear Pillar Alpha Release by Demonslayerx8
- Sunset Shore : Sunset Shore by Dr. HyperCake
- Water Palace : Water Palace by NNEBF
+ 2 upcoming stages by Mewtwo20XX : Darky Circuit (MK Circuit 8) and Underworld (Skyloft)!

And... that's it. Those are the 40 stages I made a plate for.

 I'm officially taking any requests, so If you want me to do a stageplate, just DM me the name of the stage (with the link if possible!) and I'll include it in the pack! Only if they do not have an offensive name, of course.

See ya!

Also, thanks to VimtoSlush for introducing me to this upgraded version of the Injector Pack! ^^Dr. HyperCake


  • relevents_stageplate_pack_d78f8.rar I swear it can be useful 23d old 9 DLs 2 mb



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