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RelEvent's Pointless Stageplate Pack

A GUI Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

For those who would need it.

Hi there. I'm RelEvent.

I've just discovered the magic of GFD's Improved Sm4sh Injector Pack by, well G_F_D, and so I've decided to make those. Honestly I don't think they'll be useful to many. However, just in case, I'd rather just post them here.

I made nameplates for these stages :

- Cherry Galaxy : Cherry Galaxy by geksz

- Coliseum (Night) : Night-Time Coliseum by Dr. HyperCake 

- Jet Set Aero Dive : Neon Jet Set Aero Dive by CommanderDucky

- Mystic Mansion : Mystic Mansion + Soundtrack by CommanderDucky

- Onett (SNES) : SNES Onett by tinsaudia

- Peach's Castle HD : Peach's Castle (64) HD by C2P0

- PM Castle Siege : Castle Siege (Project M) by Dr. HyperCake 

- Sakuraville : Sakuraville by Kurenai~

- Space Battlefield : Space Battlefield V2.6 by A Jewel of Rarity

- Sweet Hill Zone : Sweet Hill Zone by CommanderDucky

- Town & City (Winter) : Winter Town and City! by K-night_

- Yoshi's Playroom : Yoshi's Playroom (Regular and Omega) by CommanderDucky

And... that's it. Those are the 12 stages I made a plate for.

EDIT : I'm officially taking any requests, so If you want me to do a stageplate, just DM the name of the stage (with the link!) and I'll include it in the pack! Only if they do not have an offensive name, of course.
I might just expand this pack as much as I can.

See ya!

Also, thanks to VimtoSlush for introducing me to this upgraded version of the Injector Pack! ^^


  • relevent_pointless_stageplate_pack.rar I swear it can be useful. 13d old 11 DLs 536 kb


Night-Time Castle Siege
Skyview Coliseum



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