RealBeta's Weapon Icons (For Mod Makers)

A GUI Mod for Half-Life 2

This is a set of hud weapon icons made by my old friend RealBeta. This includes both entirely new icons and stock game icons remade to be more accurate to how the weapon actually looks. A guide to adding these icons to your HL2 mod is in the zip file.

Feel free to use this in your HL2 mod, just credit me and RealBeta if you do.

I have no idea what has happened to him, or where he's went, or if he's even still alive, but he's a bunch of weapon icons he made for me in the past. (If you're reading this RealBeta, I'm still waiting on that M4A1 icon)

Here's what each of the icons are:
a = single hl2 pistol (this one doesn't show in Windows Font Viewer for some reason but works in game)
b = two hl2 pistols
c = alyxgun (style 1)
d = flaregun
e = hl2 medkit
f = hl2 crossbow
g = harpoon
h = annabelle
i = synergy ar2x
j = snark
k = lead pipe
l = portal gun
m = molotov
n = gluon gun
o = hl2 beta sniper rifle
p = mp5k
q = desert eagle
r = slam
s = css knife
t = gauss gun
u = alyxgun (style 2)
v = hivehand (made by someone else as a placeholder, hence it looking so different)
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    Love this also uh can I ask can you or some one make a video on how to do this please because I'm actually one of those people who can't follow the instructions right and I got very confused and corrupted my games a lot and  had to uninstall and reinstall them 
    but I also wanted to ask is it compatible with other GUIs 
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    Good News Everyone!!!
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Grouped them together in a font


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