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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Silhouettes

A GUI Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

So I'm actually surprise no ones has done this before, but here it is, it's a simple mod, I just replace it every Smash 4 Character Render into their Ultimate Render, with some extras as well, they are:

Bayonetta 1 Costume - Ice Climbers
Cloud Advent Children - Inkling
Female Corrin - Pichu
Hoodie Little Mac - Squirtle
Villager 2 - Wolf
Villager 3 - Daisy
Villager 3 - Young Link
Alph - Ivysaur
Female Robin - Pokémon Trainer
Classic Wario - Ridley
Male Wii Fit Trainer - Snake

Just replace the folders on ui\folders\silhouette\model\ and ui\append_folders\silhouette\model for the DLC Characters 

Oh and unfortunately I wasn't able to take that many screenshots of the mod, if someone is whiling to take some better pictures, just let me know, and also, Fox has his old render on the Picture I posted, but I already fix that.
If you find anything wrong with this, just let me know, and please credit me if you use this anywhere



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    This is really cool, I enjoy what you have done to add the smash Ultimate renders in the background.  I was wondering if you could have the extra characters in a separate folder? I want to be able to select the male and female versions for Corrin and Robin. Great work man!
    I also just noticed that there are no new koopaling renders.
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    Yah Boi


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