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Super Smash Bros. for WiiUltimate (Custom Opening)

A GUI Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Updated File
  • Adjustment Fixed the logos, now they look smoother (didn't update the youtube preview, tho)
  • Forgot to link the YouTube video in the description so you guys could preview before downloading so here it is:

Just your usual Smash Bros. 4 opening, but with a poorly-edited version of Ultimate's theme to fit with the timing and a few visual changes (like the new logo and etc.)

You probably already know the drill, but...
BASIC TUTORIAL: just put the .mp4 file in "sd card root\numbers folder (wii u's latest update may require the numbers folder to be under "sdcafiine" folder )\content\movie" (file is already named correctly), launch your game with sdcafiine and enjoy.

Sorry about any grammar mistakes and hello from Brazil!

Everything owned by Nintendo/HAL Laboratory & Sora Ltd.



Fixing the first logo so it doesn't look slow compared to the rest of the video


  • 17d
    oo brasileiro fazendo Smash4 mod, respeito

    anyway, just like ThatNintendoNerd said, imo the intro should be quicker, but outside of that this is sick as hell man :)


    Competitive Player
  • 26d
    No need to apologize for your grammar. It's basically perfect :)

    Also I do like this idea. Though I think in the beginning it could start a little quicker since the black screen goes on for about three and a half seconds before showing the cut.
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    Hey good job on making this intro, I really like the smash ball in the beginning. Can you perhaps adjust the very beginning so that the movie starts sooner? The smash logo pops up really choppy and slowly. Other than that the moving is good. Thank you.
    Yah Boi


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