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  • Improvement Missed a changed texture on the Demo/Replay mode "Press Start" graphic.
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This mod backports the changed textures from Sonic R in the Sonic Gems Collection console ports into Sonic R 2004 PC port.

Why do this? Because I can, really. That's about it.

In addition to these texture changes, I've added a code that bumps up the cursor speed to match Gems Collection to the Sonic R Mod Loader repository, and MainMemory made a code that disables the Menu timeouts as well. These aren't in release builds yet but you can manually update the Codes.xml if you'd like to use these. Edit: No longer needed, they are now in the release builds.

The changes were back ported into textures used by my other mod RemoveStrays, to prevent any issues related to that from happening in this mod as well. You should load this mod after that mod for the cleanest UI possible.

  • The Sega Logos are different.
  • The Traveler's Tales logos are different.
  • The buttons on the "Results" screen are different, making them much easier to read.
  • "Exit to Windows" has been changed to "Exit Game" for obvious reasons.
  • Small changes to the Save/Load screen graphics were made.
  • "Press Start Button" has been changed to simply "Press Start" on the Title Screen and Demo/Replay sequence.
  • Title Screen and Ending Screen have had "2005" added to the copyright date.

Other misc notes from studying the GameCube version of Gems Sonic R:
  • In Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic R has rather lengthy loading screens, likely due to being loaded from optical media directly.
  • In Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic R does not have the same timeouts that kick you to the title screen that the PC versions do. (I need to double check on this sometime).
  • In Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic R's horizontal moving cursors for the Main Menu, Level Select, Multiplayer, Time Attack, Load/Save Game Menu, and Results screens have been sped up by about triple and double for the character select menus.
  • In Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic R's character Select background is green like the main menu, unless you visit the multiplayer menu first, at which point both the main menu and character select screens will be blue until you encounter the next loading screen. I've determined this is actually, in all likelihood, due to a bug in the port, not a changed texture, and thus this change is not present.
  • In Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic R had some additional textures added for the Save/Load Menu for dealing with Memory Cards, and an additional text blurb for "Load" was added to prevent possible confusion about the wording used. These are not present in this mod.



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