Inside Joke Mania

A GUI Mod for Sonic Mania


  • Overhaul I'm planning the entire game out. (But I need help)

Thing Mania will remain on this page. However, this page will be used for, what I like to call, Inside Joke Mania. But I require assistance to make this a complete experience that any Sonic Mania player or Youtuber can enjoy! I am in need of the following people (who will all be properly credited):
- A mashup artist (This person is required to keep in contact with myself so I may pin point a few ideas for the ridiculous jokes within some of the mashups and they may put in their own little references if I have no specification for a certain song) 
- A sprite artist. (I am no mastermind with sprites, despite what you may think, thus I need someone to help me with some of the bigger or more complex sprites to properly convey a joke or reference. Self insertion will be monitored to allow all members of the group into the mod's sprites.)
- A stage editor. (This person is required so I may get a certain look for the menus and such since they are classified as stages. The actual levels just require a visual change to fit the jokes used.) And that's about all I need. Please contact me if you wish to contribute and each and every contribution will be properly credited, no matter how small. Thank you for reading and I hope to speak to you soon.

Announcement!!! 10mo
  • Tweak Fixed title with the G
  • Adjustment Added flashing to the names when super knuckles or tails
Release of Thing Mania 12mo
You can still download Thing Mania if you wish.
Welcome to Inside Joke Mania. Here you will at least get one of these jokes if you play Sonic Mania and watch YouTube. The intension of this mod upon completion is to bring the player a smile to their face when they see a joke they understand. With my team, I will ensure that all Sonic Mania Youtubers are referenced in some way and the team themselves are portrayed within the game as well. Inside Joke Mania is planned to be one of the most hilarious experiences with the game that any player, or possibly modder, will ever have and I hope you are excited.
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Gather a full team Complete Inside Joke Mania Remix every song Change the vast majority of the sprites and models Change up the menus Rename and recolor/recolour all of the levels Replace the playable characters with mixtures of OCs from the team's OCs or random other characters Change the mini boss order with them still fitting in the stage. (Mini Bosses=Bosses In Act 1) Change most of the enemies to be other people or characters.
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