TFC RPG HUD sprite for Half-Life

A GUI Mod for Half-Life

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Why does Valve's RPG looks so ugly? ALEM decided to change it once and for all...

AleKK is here, with his Half-Life submission

Here's submission not exactly by me, but from my brother ALEM - RPG HUD sprite from TFC, converted for use in Half-Life. It was a personal project, but we've decided to share it with you

Ever wondered, why original RPG sprite is so ugly? Just look at it

Not only it looks like undetailed rectangular piece of crap, it is facing right, when every other weapon is facing left

One day playing TFC we noticed, that incendiary cannon not only have a pretty good icon, it is very similar to original HL RPG

Oh yeah... that's the ticket!

This gave him an idea: what if i port this sprite to HL to replace original ugly sprite? So, after some work and experimentation he has done this, and it is ready to use in HL and its mods

He has also changed the Ithaca 37 shotgun sprite to the Gearbox's HD SPAS-12, because why not? Along with kill icons for these two; how could we miss that detail?

If you have any suggestions, or you noticed a problem, feel free to tell me via comments section, messages, Discord or any other way you could think of. Suggestions will be implemented and problems will be fixed!



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    I'd like to ask, Maybe you could update this to come with more changes? Like removing the stock off the shotgun sprite. Since the LD shotgun doesn't have it. Also the Half life caged mp5 hud sprite?


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