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Genesis/Mega Drive Buttons over Keyboard keys

A GUI Mod for Sonic Mania


Version 1.1
  • Replaced keyboard sprite with Saturn controller (all languages).
  • Added second player buttons.
  • Replaced text-based mapping guide with a visual one.
Replaces certain keyboard keys with that of SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive controller buttons. Most of the sprites were already in the data (albeit unused) so it was only a matter of scaling them down to fit over the key sprites. 

This mod was made with the Genesis 6-button controller in mind, but SEGA Saturn controllers will work just as well.

As the game does not natively support using a Genesis/Saturn controller, I highly recommend using a program such as JoyToKey or Xpadder with this mod (ZIP file comes with a list of key mappings). 

Please note: As the Genesis 3-button controller lacks an extra button, you will either have to map two keys to one button, or just leave a button mapping out altogether. 

Super button sprites are also included.



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