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Superteletubbies64's Ultimate Nameplate Pack

A GUI Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Update 6
  • Addition More nameplates added
  • A2
  • Blade Knight
  • Cell
  • Hero's Shade
  • Lu
  • Lu Lingqi
  • Megabyte
  • Morpho Knight (Kirby Star Allies has been out for long enough now)
  • Perfect Cell
  • Spheal
  • Star
  • Star Butterfly
All new nameplates are also downloadable separately from the main download and have been uploaded to OneDrive.
Added Puphead nameplate
  • Addition Added Puphead nameplate, forgot to include it last time

For all your nameplate needs


Welcome to my custom nameplate pack. I made these nameplates for my personal use because I wanted every custom character I added to have a nameplate, but some of them didn't have a nameplate included with the download. I felt no reason not to release them so I did. This is my first upload on the site.

All of these nameplates are made with nerusenpai's Automatic Nameplate Generator. There's a huge variety of nameplates available, all intended for use with skin mods on this site. I made these nameplates either because the mod originally didn't come with a nameplate or the nameplate was in a font different from the usual font.

If you downloaded this pack, you should know how to use these nameplates and insert them into the game.  If you don't, I've provided a link on how to do this. If you've successfully inserted a nameplate, you should notice that the character has no name during battle. This can be fixed by editing the melee.msbt file. There is also a tutorial on how to do that.

To request a nameplate, you have to DM me on Discord saying you want to request a nameplate. I will ignore requests in the comments on this post. If I accept your request, I will DM you the nameplate you requested, and I can also add the nameplate to the pack so everyone can download it if you want me to. You also may not bombard me with requests or make stupid nameplate requests like "Stupid Mustachioed Not-Plumber"

You may also include nameplates from this pack in the download of your mod if the nameplate belongs to the character, though you will have to DM me on Discord asking for permission first.

Have fun with these nameplates.

List of nameplates (to find out if the nameplates you want are included press Crtl+F and type the name of the character):

Automatic Nameplate Generator

Nameplates (skip to 6:08)
Promotional Content


Alternate File Sources

  • (Individual Nameplates Download)


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Creator of Automatic Nameplate Generator


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