Opposing Force WON Menu Re-Creation

A GUI Mod for Half-Life: Opposing Force

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So basically this just changes the color and size of the Menu Text and it adds several subtitles to make it closer to the WON version of the Opposing Force menu while keeping the more convenient menu design the Steam Opposing Force had. Besides that, I used tagging to restore some of the clever jokes from the original Opposing Force.

It also includes a background that simulates the one featured in the original WON version.

Now, here are some features that are not included in this mod. (Consider it a To-Do list)

-The background is NOT animated. I don't really think that's possible.

-It does NOT include the grey text featured on the right of each subtitle. (It may be possible, but I don't know how to do that.)

-The subtitles do NOT have glow effects like in the original. (Once again, It may be possible but I don't know how to do it.)

Also something to note is that the background is a 4:3 720p image. (I couldn't scale the original splash.png any further, so I apologize for the inconvenience)

I would also appreciate every kinds of contributions to this small project, to make it look more polished and/or closer to the original WON version.

Most of the credit goes to the HLImprovementTeam for making the base of most of the work being displayed here.

UPDATE: Now it includes a Widescreen and a 4:3 Mode. To install either, just drag the contents inside the "16:9 Aspect Ratio" for widescreen, or the "4:3 Aspect Ratio" for 4:3 into the Gearbox folder in your Half-Life directory.

PS: I'd appreciate it if you rated and commented on this project again if you saw it a week ago. It was withheld for being in the wrong category and I wouldn't want it to fade away because of that.

For the Half-Life version: http://hl.gamebanana.com/guis/31061

For the Blue Shift version: http://gamebanana.com/guis/32336




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Everything but the design, which was made by Gearbox.
The base for my work.


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