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Various Cruelties - F.E.A.R. (L4D Intro)

A GUI Mod for Left 4 Dead

Replaces the startup intro video with the same, featuring the song F.E.A.R. by Various Cruelties (featured in Banshee HBO)

How to install: 1. select the zip folder, right click, "Extract All..." 2. extract it to your "media" file in L4D[2] directory: Local Disc (C:) // Program Files (x86) // Steam // steammaps // common // left 4 dead // left4dead // media (if putting in l4d2 change file names respectively) 3. When it asks to replace the current file, accept. (Make backups of original files if you wish) 4. start up left 4 deads and enjoy your Friday the 13th! :D Join my group on steam to get steam notifications for when I upload new content: Video: Youtube messed up the video on youtube, so don't take it 'as is'. The video is in perfect / higher quality, smooth, and running like a boss when played from the actual in game Left 4 Dead [2] (if you so choose to rename and replace L4D2's with this one). Download, rate, comment, and have a happy and lucky Friday the 13th! :D



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Development Info

I first heard this song in this trailer back when it was running as a youtube ad:

Song: VARIOUS CRUELTIES - F.E.A.R. (featured in Banshee HBO)

I wanted to make this from the moment I saw such "Banshee" trailer / ad and heard such song, because the way my mind imaginates videos is mostly from listening to various songs and depending on the song, a scene will start painting it's picture in my head. I don't really force it, it just comes naturally to me.

From scratch, a scene is painted from just picking a 'lore' that fits the song and it's sound, and then going from there, my mind just starts making everything up from scratch (characters & props used, plot, area / place, lighting, voice, story, events, etc), but for ease of creation, since what I was imagining pairing this song with was left 4 dead's lore while I was imagining a scene, I went ahead and checked how well the original Left 4 Dead intro pairs with this song, and wouldn't you know it, I found they were MADE to go together... but I procrastinated until now. <_<

In summary, instead of making up a new scene to go with such song, I found one already made that fits perfectly :D

The thought and image just came back out of the blue, on the eleventh, of when I felt the urge to listen to the song again, and the work ethic to finish it was restored, so I started from then and finished today, to upload it on what a more fitting day? :)

To make this video, I used BINK's RAD video tools and audacity:

To learn how to use the software, I used these help pages:
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