Matukas HUD Icons

A GUI Mod for Cube 2: Sauerbraten

I don't particularly enjoy playing Sauerbraten but its actually a really nice platform to do really simple 5-minute art with such as HUD icons or models and textures as well as roughing out level designs for games such as QuakeWorld or Quake 3. Every now and then I find my Sauerbraten folder and I just get to work on making some stuff such as this. This is a HUD Icon set that was designed to make the HUD a lot more attractive. Personally I will say its not absolutely consistent when you put the Health/Armor icons together with the Weapon icons. But I didn't want the Weapon icons to look anymore awkward. For the weapon icons I took inspiration from Primevil's PainKiller++ simple items. That being said, if you take a quick look at the Orange rocket-launcher, it may appear to be a butt-plug, but really - it isn't. That being said, if you do want to download these but you don't know how to install them, take a look at the installation instructions found on the download-page underneath all the babble of mirrors and stuff - If you're too blind to find it then use your browsers search feature (Ctrl + F for "Installation" you cunts). Finally I wish for everyone to respect my request that you follow the creative commons license that I have chosen. To put it short, I do not allow you to use my work for commercial purposes, transform, alter or build upon my work - You must also attribute me as the original author of this work as well. Expect more releases in the future for Sauerbraten such as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Character Sets.



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