BioHazarD Mega Background Pack

A GUI Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

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15 Background set of BioHazarD wallpapers.

BioHazarD Mega Background Pack By HazarD. Description :- I have been always a huge fan of Biohazard (Resident Evil). I have played every game and watched every movie. But the best part is the biohazard symbol, and so this is my compilation of the best wallpapers of the biohazard symbol. I have been collecting them for around a week and collected close to 60 pics. But those which have a dark background (to meet the scheme of default gui text) and have a good resolution (more than 1024x768) were chosen. Consists of : 15 backgrounds 1 - Biohazard written in logo with diffuse. 2 - Only yellow logo in dirty background. 3 - Neon green outline logo. 4 - Golden, Shining logo. 5 - Dirty Green logo. 6 - glowing green. 7 - same as (6) but with less glow. 8 - white logo in red background. 9 - Not original logo 10 - black logo in yellow BG 11 - green 12 - dirty yellow background 13 - blue 14 - green aura 15 - dirty orange The backgrounds are in another archive "backgrounds.rar" to minimize file size, otherwise the file size was more than 40 MB. The screenshots in the page shows a change in the main menu text. That's because I was using the FX Gui by x9design and applied my BG over it but this wouldnt happen in your case. They will just change the background. Note that I have included all the wallpapers in a separate folder called "wallpapers". You can use them as well and also for referring to what background will get before applying anything. None of these wallpapers are mine, they are just a compilation from various sites. Download, Rate And Comment !! ==================================== Second submission after my return.. So.. I am kind of (still) buggy xD If there are any misplaced folders or duplicates of same backgrounds, please do say. ==============================================================



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    cant you afford a 16:9 monitor? or are you just supporting the old school cs gamers which have only a 4:3? i think its the second :) cause your screens are maybe not original but very cool :)
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