Chombie's Enhanced MinimalHUD

A GUI Mod for Team Fortress 2

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A simple edit of the minimal HUD

v1.6 Updated to work with the latest Mann-conomy update. An 'enhanced' version of Valve's minimal HUD. Health, Ammo, UBERCHARGE meter and many other things moved around for convenience. Including a few bonuses such as an edited and easier to see damage indicator, and teammate health values. Install the "tf" folder to *:/*/Steam/steamapps/[steam name]/team fortress 2/ (THIS SHOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY CLASS ICON PACKS YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED)



  • 7y
    MugenOverlord avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    544 points Ranked 8075th
    Very nice minimal hud. cleans things up quite a bit.

    Question though: how did you get the health number to be green rather than that dismal grey? Thanks for your help, awesome GUI.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found out. resource/ui/hudplayerhealth.res, one of the values in there.
  • 7y
    B. Wonder avatar
    B. Wonder Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    I like this set up. If I had to be nitpicky though the things I'd like with it would be ff the kills not made by you were still black and if your teams health number was also in green. I also don't really care for the spot the damage you dealt is on on the screen as it kinda feels like it gets in the way. If it were off to a side of the screen or not there at all it'd be alright.

    Also the white of the damage you did to a player could be green or purple or just some other color that stands out to make it easier to see as that'd be helpful as well.

    EDIT: Also if the ubercharge were moved under or a little over where you put the health of the person you're healing so you could see what's around you better.. I might edit this a few times lol.
  • 7y
    Posted by krazy095

    Please help me

    uh... help you with what?
    I did it!
  • 7y
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    krazy095 Offline
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    Please help me


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Development Info

Wanted a HUD that could possibly work in competitive play and still keep valve's original design.

If in demand I may make more resolutions available. This HUD may not look very good on any resolutions lower or higher than 1680x1050. tracking pixel