Trappa's Crit Ready Soldier

A GUI Mod for Team Fortress 2

A Crit Ready Soldier.

So here is my first "background" GUI. I've never attempted this awe inspiring, death defying feat so please, feel free to rip it a new one. Well, at least tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to I m P r O v E it. Simply extract the vtf file to... C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\tf\materials\console If you do not have a "console" folder, remain calm. There is no reason to panic and/or riot. Simply right click somewhere in the empty space of your materials folder and from the drop down list that windows so graciously provided, select "new" and then choose "folder". A brand new folder created by the baby Jesus himself, will appear from out of nowhere. Ok, we've made it this far. Go ahead and grab some water and a sandwich. The next part can take a while. Right click the new and improved baby Jesus created folder and select "rename". In the field that previously read "New Folder", you must, under the penalty of death, type the word "console". Almost done. Those pansies who climbed Everest ain't got crap on you now! From the file you just downloaded before embarking upon this Lord of the Rings type journey, move the vtf file to the folder that you and baby Jesus created. Close all files and folders that are currently open that pertain to the story that is about to end. Finally, start TF2 and bath in the glory that is my first, most likely the worst ever, TF2 background. Enjoy, or don't. Either way my wife thinks I'm a nut job for spending that past 10 minutes writing a mini story/installation instructions for a "lame ass picture" ... chicks ...
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  • Although it looks cool, it appears kind of "squished". It works, and the detail is "uber" high lol, but the squished look prevents me from using it. All in all its pretty cool. Nice work for a newb GUI guy lol!


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