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Hayden Panettiere + NEW MENU

A GUI Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

Hayden Panettiere -> Got Milk -> With Main menu extension ! Rate me or Hate me ! PLEASE Assess GUI... CHANGELOG & INFO ! 15.10.07 Mainmenu new Sorted, extendet Visit Homepages Button Install please set it manually to: Your Drive letter and Folder ! Example: c:\Programms\valve\steam\steamapps\-Your-Name-\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike Modifikations: Loadingscreen -> Free Image Hosting at Special Feature: If u are in a Game and press Escape, You can Spectate the Game through the Console Background ! Free Image Hosting at Game Menu Desktop Background: Hayden Panettiere + Second texture -> Moving Counter Strike Source Logo Game Menu: New Font includet 4 Game Desktop Game Menu: Sound 4 Welcome to Rumpelbude Special Menu Button Game Menu: Complete new Color 4 Menu Layout (RED Transparent) Game Menu: Extendet <- Yeah no more Typing in Conslole ;-) Extensions: Includet Direct Connect button for FPSBANANA BATTLE FARM & Rumpelbude Includet Set Download filter before Connecting to a Server ! Includet Show/Hide Console Includet Show/Hide Demoplayer Includet Visit FPSBANANA HOMEPAGE Button ! After You are In Game, press Escape to see the Menu Extensions I addet that only show up when u are in a Game !!! Addet to Game menu when In a Game: Includet Net Graph Changer OFF 1 2 3 Includet Show FPS ON/OFF Includet Status Includet Reconnect In Game Changes: Changed the Net_Graph Font to a smaler Feel free to Leave a comment! Greetings Rb|TNC Enjoy ! 4 More Counter Strike Source stuff visit my Website @ also available in Engliash via Google Translation ! CREDITS TO: (4 THE IMAGE)




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