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Rabid Viper Productions Staff:

Andrew “Arghvark” Davis - Project Leader, Game Concept, Code. Adrian “driAn” Henke - Lead Coder. Markus “makkE” Bekel - Lead artist, Models, Skins, Animations, Mapping, 2d-Art, some textures, Sound. Shane Nieb - Models. Mitaman - Maps, Ressources. Elliot “Verbal_” Lockwood - QA, Advisor, Lead Tester, pro-coffee service. Lee “eihrul” Salzman - Coder, Enet Library, Cube2 backporting.

Thanks to:

Wouter “Aardappel” van Oortmerssen and others - The Cube Game/Engine. Rick Helmus - Bot Code. Julian “absinth” Mayer - Packaging AssaultCube for Mac. Paul “JCDPC” Cash - Laptop Model, Company. Dietmar “DCP” Pier - Soundtrack. Zac “dtd” Jarco - Hosting. ac_stef - bug fixes Thanks to kurtis84, player1, quase, exis, talou and others for testing. Thanks to flowtron and exis for organising the AssaultCube Release Cup.
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