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About : Open Fortress

Mods, discussions & more by the OF Modding Community


Open Fortress is a TF2-based sourcemod which focuses on adding new gamemodes that follow the Team Fortress design principles and artstyle but have a unique gameplay loop which wouldn't be seen in regular TF2.

The Current focus of the mod is the Deathmatch mode which has the most progress done, even having submodes like Team Deathmatch, Gun game, Instagib and similar.

Other than Deathmatch there is a prototype version of Retromode, which is a recreation of Team Fortress Classic with TF2 styled weapons and characters.


As of March 26, 2020

Open Fortress - List of developers:

Project lead:

Gameplay Coordinators:



Alex Episode
Rara Cerberus
Jill Nesbit
Avast Antipony
Nopey Nope


Deathreus - Reverse Engineering most of TFBots & Halloween Bosses
Pelipoika - Additional Reverse Engineering for TFBots
sigsegv - Reverse Engineered documentation for TFBots + NextBot
ficool2 - Integrating TFBots into Open Fortress and the DM gamemodes etc

Voice acting:

Stachekip - Mercenary
Drew - New Soldier & Engineer Voice Lines
EverMatt - New Scout Voicelines
Meta - TFC Demoman


Benjamin Rudman
Tyler McVicker

Weapon and misc. player sound effects:


Viewmodel rigging and animations:

Polybagel - Mercenary First Person Animations
N-Cognito - Mercenary First Person Animations
Ficool2 - C_Arm Conversions, Animation Fixes, New Mercenary Gloves, Thirdperson Mercenary animations
Hex - Railgun fire & Charge animation, Berserk Fist animations
KaydemonLP - Old Mercenary Gloves, Concept Animation

Character concept art and models:
DrPyspy - Mercenary Model and Concept Art, Early Civilian concept
Drew - TFC Spy Model
Lena - TFC Soldier Head Concept

Weapon and cosmetic concept artwork, models & textures:

DrPyspy - Railgun Concept
Batandy - Tommy Gun
Suomimies55 - Chainsaw, Super Shotgun, Lightning Gun
Gibus Cat
Drew - Super Shotgun
Skerion - BFG
Overpowered - Revolver

Prop and scenary Models & Textures:

Boomsta - Vending Machines, Pickup Truck, Cheese Shop Props & Misc
ChargingTurnip - Barrel, Generator props, Loaded Crate, Beetle car, Pig, Chair, Desk
Ficool2 - Couch
NoNotTheMemes - Couch
KaydemonLP - SkateBoard
Suomimies55 - SkateBoard Textures
Richter - Office Textures, Yoda Spray
Denied - Powerup sprays

Placeholder TFC Model Ports:

Gibs, gore and dismemberment effects:

FissionMetroid - Stock Particle overhaul, BFG/Nailgun/Railgun/DM Medigun particles
KaydemonLP - Lightning Gun Particles/BFG Smoke and flame particles

Menu and promotional art:

Gibus Cat

Main Menu UI Design:

KaydemonLP - Original Main Menu & Loading Screen Overhaul
Chrissy & PacMania - Font fixes, Main Menu Font Changes, Options Menu Fixes
Ficool2 - Xbox 360 UI port
Doomgal - Xbox 360 UI banner

In Game HUD Elements:
KaydemonLP - DM & Bomb Defusal Hud
Chrissy - Polishing and fixes
Ficool2 - Invade Gamemode

Valve.bik Intro:

In-game menu logo concept:

Final Logo and Icon designs:

Ambient sounds:
Omniary (Wiseau)


Withered Rose
Ranzki website:

AgitationSkeleton (Placeholder Site)
Nbc66 (Placeholder Site)
Nopey Nope (Placeholder Site)


Hambooga - The Bad Place, The Longest Yard, Aerowalk
DrPyspy - Blood Run, Parley, Push
AgitationSkeleton - House of Chthon, The Bad Place, The Dark Zone, Dead Simple, Overkill, Xpress3, Shortwave, Facing Worlds
HDMineFace - Legacy, MCTF Splashdown, Greenback, Boxy [Updated Map], Hydro (dm), Shortwave (Layout Adjustments)
Fairweather - Pandora
Suomimes55 - Congo, DM+CTF Backfort, Boxy, Weapon devtest map, Knoxx, DM Minecraft, DM Bricks
Ficool2 - DM Lumberyard, DM Minecraft, DM Bricks, DM CS1.6 Mansion, Weapon devtest map
MacD11 - Wiseau, Range, Dead Simple, Grain, Offblast
KayDemonLP - DM Harvest, Devtest maps
Lena - Cargo, Dark Zone, DM Chestnut
Phe - DM Chestnut
Boomsta - Sawdust
Gibus Cat - Indev DM_2Fort
HDMineFace - DM Hydro
Bakscratch - DM Watergate, Skate, Bailey
PigPig - Knoxx
Hex - Skate, Lobster Shore, Knoxx
iiboharz - Wiseau, DM 2Fort, DM Ravine, DM Offblast
Savva - Hollow, port of CTF Redplanet by Spipper, MCTF Turbine
Skimbo (Formerly known as That's the plan.) - DM Moonbase, miscellaneous
Spipper - CTF Redplanet
Muddy - Grain
HQDefault - Blood Covenant
Charging Turnip - Badworks

Third party Assets Used with permission:
Landfall Assets by Dr. Spud and Nineaxis
Borneo Assets by Heyo Cutino
Cosmetic Set "Top Fragger" by Drew, Yikes, Makkon and Hotrod McCoolguy
Train Models by Freyja

Open Fortress - List of community contributors:

ChargingMeatloaf - dm_badworks + Badworks music
MegapiemanPHD - dm_deadlock
Ruby - dm_entryway
Professor Pootis - dm_cloister
comrade commie - dm_golddigger
Holey - dm_bloodcovenant updates
Nbc66 and PacMania67 - Final DM Scoreboard design
Snowy Snowtime - Minimal Mode Fixes
cbkl - HUD consistancy updates
Occune - Russian translation
Technochips - French translation
The Engineer - Hungarian translation
Nival, Arcus Merseneri and Amuno - Italian Translation
Amy (@OctoGril1) - Female Merc design + Easter egg drawing on legacy
Tyler McVicker - For streaming Open Fortress and offering to be an announcer

Open Fortress - Special thanks:
TF2Vintage ( where the bots originally came from, with permission given from Deathreus to utilise them )
Trotim (for helping KaydemonLP with programming)
Nicknine (for the TF_Port SDK 2013 codebase)
Saul Rennison (for proper dynamic shadows using the L4D method)
Train (for helping with all language support)
Ian "Idolon" Spadin (Arena Byre)
Randy Goffe - For allowing us to use Resonance
The Jabroni Brawl 3 team (for Their Support and being a awesome mod)
Obsidian Conflict team & Maestro Fénix (for the grappling hook stuff)
Half Life 2 Comunity Edition ( for the original Alien Swarm UI port )
tonysergi (for MP Gravity Gun carried objects fix and MP vehicle fix)
Secobmod ( for Multiplayer AI fixes )
Blixibon ( for Mapbase: better env_projectedtextures, more logic entities etc )
TotallyMehis ( for clientside ragdoll cleanup fix )
HOME (permission to use Resonance in DM Harvest)
EArkham (permission to use sky_outpost_01)
Krazy (for Doublecross Snow roof models)

SuperBigBoy (food)