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About : Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Mod

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Check out the ZombieMod Official FAQ here on FPSBanana!
ZombieMod is a server side modification for Counter-Strike Source. The aim of the game is to conquer the attacking zombies or kill all humans depending on what side of the field you currently are. The game may be played on any map, and users join a server like any other CS:S server without any pre-requisites. The plug in was designed so that it may be run on either Windows or Linux Source Dedicated Servers with a minimal installation time. When enabled on default settings, the level is loaded very, very dark with fog all around. All players spawn normally and you cannot hurt anybody; Rifles and the MG are restricted. After a random amount of time (2-10 seconds), one player is changed into a Zombie complete with model, unable to use any weapon other than the knife, and is given 5,000 health. He is changed to the (T) team and everyone else to the (CT) team to allow for an operational scoreboard. They can also run a lot faster than humans, are provided with night vision and have a 125º ‘Field Of Vision’ instead of the regular 90º. His only goal is to infect as many humans as possible by slashing them once with the knife, each scoring him one frag. Each subsequent Zombie is given 2,500 health, moved to the (T) team and also reduced to using their knife only. Zombies are knocked backwards with each shot so their only hope of survival is attacking in numbers. A few well aimed shots to a zombie’s head and it comes off complete with blood spray! Zombies can only use voice with other zombies, the same goes for humans. The round ends when either all the Zombies are killed, or all Humans have been turned to zombies. With a team of dedicated Administrators and Coders we try our hardest to get on top of Valve updates almost instantly and hopefully in the near future no updating will be required after a Valve Steam Update. Each update is a learning process and we have almost eliminated all update quirks.


Zombie Mod

C0ldfyr3 (Mod Developer) Spinner (Mod Founder) Spadez (Mod Manager) Games (Technical Support)