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About : Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat [MOD]

Mods, discussions & more by the INS Modding Community


The modern battlefield has witnessed many engagements between Guerrilla and Conventional forces. Insurgency will bring these fights to an online multiplayer battlefield using Valve's Source Technology from Half-Life 2. Engage in past, present, and fictional infantry battles throughout the world. From the Balkans to Iraq to Chechnya, join as either an Unconventional or Conventional team that caters to both casual and tactical gamers. Intense realism will keep you alert as you and your team seeks out to accomplish the mission's objectives. Specified roles are included within each Squad that make up your team's Platoon. Command and control from a 4-soldier Fireteam, to an 8-soldier Squad, up to a 32-soldier Platoon. A unique point system will ensure that online combat veterans will be rewarded for their leadership and tactical abilities so that they can rise through the ranks and command the platoon. The conventional teams are designed to cater to tactical gamers -- those who use real tactics, demonstrate leadership, and use teamwork. Grab a hold of an RPG-7 or other weapons in the arsenal and join the fight using guerrilla tactics against the powerful enemy. Ride in a technical with a mounted machine gun, fire RPGs at enemy infantry and vehicles, or set up a machine gun to ambush the enemy. The unconventional teams are designed to cater to casual gamers -- those who use hit and run tactics, lone wolf players, and regular FPS players.
  • Modern infantry combat on Valve's source engine
  • Free total conversion, only Half-Life 2/Source SDK Base and Steam required.
  • Chain of command - Commanders control their squad/cell with ease.
  • Morale - Morale system to set high value on teamplay.
  • Customizable gameplay - "insurgency map configuration" system
  • Reinforcement waves - Unique reinforcement wave system.
  • Depth of realism - Iron sights, free aim, ricochet, bullet penetration, weapon weights, and more.
  • No bullsh*t HUD - Only see what's important, when it's important
  • Weapon caches - Used for rearming on the battlefield, destroyable by the other team .
  • Global stats - A simple forum signup keeps track of your stats forever.
  • Network - A comprehensive "" will cover all your Insurgency needs.


Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Credits
  • Jeremy Blum Project Lead, Jack of Trades, Mod Rep
  • James "Pongles" Mansfield Assistant Project Lead, Lead Coder Development
  • Chris "2d-Chris" Kay Mapping (Haditha, Haditha Night)
  • Kurt "Bluestrike" Stassen Lead Level Designer (Karkar, Escort)
  • James "DarkNemisis" Cantrell Weapon Textures
  • Jethro "deathz0rz" Beekman Code
  • Guillaume "DelaZ" Goddeeris Artist
  • Jurryt "Deviator" Visser Interface Art
  • Oliver "dux" Hobbs Mapping (Croatian Theater)
  • Joey "Erratic" Adey Mapping & Environment Art (Almaden, Croatian Theater)
  • Ben "E.T." Goodchild Character Animations
  • Shawn "FMPONE" Snelling Mapping
  • Jens "jenz" Veith Level Designer/Environmental Artist
  • Jon "Jonny Phive" Hickenbottom Mapping (Ramadi)
  • Louka "Louti" Outrebon Code
  • Mark Eaton Environment Art
  • Thiago "Minotaur0" Klafke Level Designer (Abdullah)
  • Simon "nooba" Burford Mapping
  • Jay "Optical Snare" Lindsay Lead Sound FX
  • Richard "RDBecket" Douglas Music
  • Robert Bonner Artist
  • Douglas "Skybex" Hamilton Mapping (Croatian Theater)
  • Brian "soulescape" Fieser Sound FX
  • Lasse "spine" Olsen Map and Character Textures
  • Lasse "st0lve" Pedersen Environment Artist
  • Matthias "Steppenwolf" Schmidt Mapping (Baghdad, Croatian Theater)
  • Alex "strykerwolf" Wright Weapon Animations
  • Xon "TwinkeMasta" Lu Weapon Models & Textures
  • Gustav "union" Lundwall Environment Art
  • Jeroen "Xanthi" van Werkhoven Mapping & Environment Art (Ambush)
  • William "xENO" Ewing Code
  • Zachariah Scott Film Director Administration
  • Michiel "Viper" Beenen Public Relations & European Mod Rep
  • Rob "object" Graff Web Administration
  • Dave "Cynu" Weid Server Administration
  • Jeff "Jaboo224" Johnson Lead Tester
  • Stephen "Kingswat" Cookson Lead Tester
  • Lloyd "limakilo" Kelly Lead Tester