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History First formed in Q1 of 2006, CSPromod was conceived as an attempt to bring a fully-customizable version of Counter-Strike to the Source Engine for the purposes of growing competitive play and broadcast spectatorship. With no disrespect to Valve Software or Turtle Rock Studios, the project arose from the opinion of many in the professional community: namely that Counter-Strike: Source was lacking in many key areas, and could be vastly improved upon. Much of the Counter-Strike community had been expecting CS:Source to be original CS gameplay with better graphics, and unfortunately, that's not at all what CS:Source ended up being. The idea was simple enough: utilize some (but not all) of CS:Source's assets, including sound, textures, and models, to create a modification that would replicate the gameplay of the original Half-Life 1 Counter-Strike mod. This would give the independent CSPromod developers control over gameplay, movement, and behavior, while also making use of CS:Source's updated graphics. It also seemed logical to take the opportunity to add some long-needed features while undertaking such a project. Working without the source code of either the original Counter-Strike, or Counter-Strike: Source, proved to make the project much more challenging than the original team had ever anticipated, and certainly much more challenging than the community has ever perceived the project to be. Without the original code of either game, our developers had to essentially completely reverse engineer the original Counter-Strike from scratch; a task which proved to be challenging all of the time, and utterly maddening most of the time (imagine being in the shoes of a coder who's being asked to recreate the "duckhop," a gameplay aspect which was obviously orginally a bug, but has become a community-beloved feature over the years). Due to the challenging nature of the project, the development process had to be completely restarted twice within the project's first nine months, each time with a different head programmer. The project originally kicked off in the Spring of 2006, was restarted in the Fall of 2006 with a new head coder, and then was begun from scratch a third time in January of 2007 under the guise of Kevin "arQon" Blenkinsopp. The third time indeed proved to be the charm for CSPromod, as that codebase is the version that's been stuck with ever since. So, while many in the community have often claimed otherwise, the current version of CSPromod is current about 2.5 years old. The game's initial Beta 1.0 release in October 2007 represented about nine months of work, and while it admittedly was not fully realized, it did show proof of concept and solid base structure. Sadly, some of the community seemed to turn against the mod, due to the incredibly high expectations that had been built up for the project over time. Considering the mod's lofty goals, and the development team's good intentions, the situation was certainly regrettable. The 2nd and 3rd public releases each showed great signs of improvement, but still lacked the overall polish that was expected (despite the game being completely free of charge). After releasing Beta versions 1.01-1.03 publicly, our development team elected to continue work on a more private basis, due to massive amounts community backlash, and lack of constructive criticism. Since July of 2008, we've kept grinding away, and kept as quiet as possible, intending to return to the public eye only when we have something exciting to share with the community. Back in 2007, it became very obvious fairly quickly to the entirety of the CSPTeam that for the community, showing was much better than telling. Therefore, it is the hope of our developers that the CSPromod 1.04 Beta release will address many of the community's questions, skepticism, and criticism, and in doing so, prove CSPromod to have become what many in the community have always hoped it would be. (Please visit the CSPromod website for more info!)


The CSPromod Development Team Management Alex "chibsquad" Garfield (Project Director) Michael "d0ublethink" Askins (Development Manager) Development Kevin "arQon" Blenkinsopp (Head Programmer) Mack "mizzack" Corl (Senior Programmer) Ben "amogan" Kummer-Hardt (Senior Programmer) Ted "cashed" McIlwain (Level Designer) Ludovic "alba" Slangen (Art Director) Matt "mazzer" Maslen (Animator) Michael "paradox" Malet (Web Developer) tracking pixel