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Sauerbraten (a.k.a. Cube 2) is a free multiplayer/singleplayer first person shooter, built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS. Much like the original Cube, the aim of this game is not necessarily to produce the most features & eyecandy possible, but rather to allow map/geometry editing to be done dynamically in-game, to create fun gameplay and an elegant engine. The engine supporting the game is entirely original in code & design, and its code is Open Source (ZLIB license, read the docs for more on how you can use the engine). In addition to the FPS game which is in a very playable state, the engine is being used for an RPG which is in the preproduction phase. Additionally, Proper Games ltd are the first to use the engine commercially. dot3 labs is a company started by the creators of sauerbraten that offers commercial support.


Game / Engine Design * Wouter "Aardappel" van Oortmerssen (wouter at gmx dot net) Programming * Wouter "Aardappel" van Oortmerssen: Majority of the code (website). * Lee "Eihrul" Salzman: Lead programmer, enet networking library, *nix ports, and a lot of the general code, especially lightmaps/physics related. * Mike "Gilt" Dysart: General programming, especially editing/physics related. Additional Code * Adrian "driAn" Henke: MD3 code. * Robert Pointon: GUI code. * Jerry Siebe: Geometry rendering optimisations. * Julian Mayer: MacOSX ports. Level Design * Kurt "kdoom" Kessler: Lead level designer, most dm maps, k_rpg1. * Shane Nieb: demomap, nmp* maps. * John "metlslime" fitzgibbons: metl* maps. * MitaMan: singleplayer episode * With additional maps by: Aardappel, driAn, Gilt, voot, Bryan "KillHour" Shalke, staffy, sparr, JCDPC, ZappaZ, RatBoy, Fanatic, rocknrol, KaiserTodretter, BlikjeBier, wurfel, aftasardem, Lazy [HUN], Gregor Koch, Junebug, and others. Art / Content * MakkE: Lead artist, mapmodels, hudguns, items. * Dietmar "dcp" Pier: Mapmodels, hudguns. * DarthVim: Hudguns. * Shane Nieb: Hudguns. * Geartrooper: RPG characters. * Sock: The egyptian & tech texture sets (website). * Iikka "Fingers" Keranen: The ikbase ik2k texture sets (website). * Lunaran, Gibbie, Gregor Koch, Jésus "aftasardem" Maia: Normalmapped texture sets. * Additional art by: metlslime (textures), Than (textures), Remedy Entertainment Ltd (textures), Seth & Ulrich Galbraith (GPL models), Brian "EvilBastard" Collins, Conrad, Magarnigal, Psionic, James Green, Andreas Möller, Ryan Butts & Jeramy Cooke (md2 models). Sound / Music * Marc "Fanatic" A. Pullen: Soundtrack. * Kaiser Todretter: FPS gameplay sounds. Other * Kristian "sleepwalkr" Duske: website / messageboard, hosting, master server. * Quintin "quin" Reeves: Documentation, wiki, and development help. * Pushplay: Documentation help. * The SDL team: For their libraries (website).
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