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Thank you for downloading Counter-Strike 2D! Counter-Strike 2D is freeware ┬ęby Unreal Software, 2002-2010 www.UnrealSoftware.de Using Sounds/Textures from the original Counter-Strike Using BNetEx by Oliver Skawronek & Inkubus Please read Changelog.txt for a list of changes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use: - Please extract/unzip or install before playing - Run CounterStrike2D or Launcher to start the game - Visit www.CS2D.com/faq if you have any problems Command line parameters (order does not matter): -full / -fullscreen (Run in fullscreen mode) -dx / -directx (Use DirectX [Windows only]) -gl / -opengl (Use OpenGL) -16bit (Use 16 bit colordepth) -24bit (Use 24 bit colordepth) -32bit (Use 32 bit colordepth) -w X (Screen resolution width [Default: 640]) -h Y (Screen resolution height [Default: 480]) -noopenal (disable OpenAL audio drivers) -map MAP (Host with this map) -name NAME (Host with this name) -pw PW / -password PW (Host with this password) -maxplayers MAXPL (Host with this max players amount)* -port PORT (Host on this port)* -rcon PW (Host with this remote control password)* -lua LUAFILE (Host with this Lua file, rel. to sys/lua) -j ADDRESS / -join ADDRESS (Join a server) -nointro (Don't show the intro sequence) -sys PATH (use alternative "sys"-folder for settings) -path PATH (use alternative working directory)** -offline / -off (Offline mode) -nocache (Never load the cached serverlist) *) setting will become unchangeable at runtime **) new directory must contain all required CS2D files ATTENTION: Do not use any whitespaces! Use ? (question mark) instead of spaces (for paths etc) Example Commandline: CounterStrike2D.exe -map de_dust -pw SECRETPASS -win ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TERMS OF USE: USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO COPY AND SHARE THIS GAME FOR FREE. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL THIS GAME. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO MODIFY OR MANIPULATE CounterStrike2D.EXE FURTHERMORE IT IS FORBIDDEN TO MODIFY ANY DATA OF THE GAME IN THE SYSTEM MEMORY/RAM WHILE IT IS RUNNING. ANY USAGE OF PROGRAMS WHICH SOMEHOW CHANGE THE WAY THIS GAME WORKS AND RUNS (HACKS/CHEATS) IS NOT ALLOWED. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION TO START THIS GAME IF YOU DO NOT OBEY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Special thanks to: DarkShadow - many dropped weapon images Heavy - death notice weapon images DivineDominion - CS2D guys pyramide image Dairy - weapon buy menu images Aregger 'k.o.g.' Benjamin - code/security support Vertex & Inkubus - UDP network module "BNetEX" KimKat - for awesome laserbeam1.bmp Klin - code support the whole UnrealSoftware.de - bug reports, ideas, feedback Community YOU - for playing this game and many others - for many other things ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More info and help at the offical CS2D website www.CS2D.com Unreal Software Gaming Network (U.S.G.N.) www.USGN.de More games, official CS2D forums and custom files at www.UnrealSoftware.de
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