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About : Quake III: Arena - Mods & Resources by the Q3 Modding Community


Some cool weapons: Gauntlet The gauntlet is a mêlée weapon which combines a whirling saw blade with an electrical charge. It is used for close combat only, and one hit inflicts 50 damage. When a gauntlet kill is achieved, the killer earns a gauntlet medal and the both the killer and the victim receive a "humiliation" message. It is normally a last-resort weapon, but is also useful in narrow corridors and doorways. Lightning Gun The lightning gun (also referred as shaft) is much like the machine gun, except that it fires as a beam with limited range and it directly impacts to a destination. It can kill a healthy opponent in less than two seconds because it shoots at 0.05 seconds per pulse. Similar to the Thunderbolt of the original Quake, differing in that it can be used underwater. Rail Gun The railgun is primarily used for long range combat or sniping. It is 100% accurate, inflicts 100 damage but has a low fire rate (default 1.5 seconds). BFG10K BFG10K is considered the ultimate weapon. A rapid-fire weapon, firing out bursts of fast-moving plasma at a rate of about 5 shots per second, which inflict damage and splash damage 100 hp per cell. In effect, Quake III's BFG is a rapid-fire Rocket Launcher with faster projectiles and other than the name it shares little in common with the other BFG weapons in previous id Software games. Some cool power-ups: Quad Damage Despite the name in Quake III the Quad damage power-up only triples the amount of damage done by the weapon a player has the name comes from previous titles in the series where it actually did have the effect of quadrupling damage. Quad damage is very effective when using rapid-fire guns. Extreme caution must be taken with guns that have splash damage, since it is multiplied just as much as the direct impact. Quad damage lasts for 30 seconds. Haste Haste doubles the user's rate of fire and increases their movement speed by one third for 30 seconds. Further speed can be attained by Strafe jumping. Regeneration Regeneration gradually increases the user's health up to a maximum of 200. It adds health each second. The amount of health added each second depends on the user's current amount of health – 15 health is added when their current health is below 100 and 5 health is added when their current health is 100 or above. Regeneration lasts for 30 seconds. Flight Flight is a 60 second power-up that appears in only one stock Q3A map, Q3DM19, and only in multiplayer mode. When active, it allows the user to fly around at normal speed. Jump becomes ascend and crouch becomes descend.


Music composed by Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly