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SourceForts is a multiplayer capture the flag mod, for the computer game Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. Two teams, red and blue, construct forts made from metal cubes and panels to protect their flag, and also attempt to break into their opponent's fort to steal the enemy flag. Then they must return the captured flag to their own fort to score. The mod was first released in 2005. SourceForts v1.9.3 uses a class system reminiscent of Team Fortress Classic. Each class brings something new and unique to the battle field. Using a combination of these classes a team can snatch the enemy's flag and bring it back to their base in hopes of scoring. Currently in development, SourceForts v2.0.0 is going to be a total conversion. The release will be split to two phases. In the phase one of the 2.0.0 release you can expect only weapon models and gamemodes implemented. We decided that to speed up the 2.0.0 release. In the second phase there will be new character models and overall unique art style.


DEVELOPMENT TEAM Production Jason "Kaidus" Allen - Project Director Ross "Sayyan" Bearman - Technical Director Programming HisChild - Programmer Felipe G. "Zoc" Silveira - Programmer Art and Audio Gcool - Concept Artist Samuel "Monty" Gray - Modeller and Texture Arist Mark "Khuskan" Jefferis - Sound Engineer and Level Designer o_nobody_o - Concept Artist Slice - Modeller and Texture Artist Taylor "Stieffers" Stieff - Modeller and Texture Artist Toby "Black" Thorpe - Level Designer Web Development Felipe G. "Zoc" Silveira - Game/Web Integration Developer Taylor "Stieffers" Stieff - Website Developer Tony - Server Administrator DESIGN TEAM Idea Development entRo Fail Kas2 MasterDana MontyPython312 NocturnO RedXIII Scatman. snuffy QA Team Lead ev_ QA Team !Lemon_Poodin! ghostrider455 Jake Nocashvalue Tobel^ xenon (An extra thanks for providing the testing server) Thanks to: - Knifa, for the original concept and versions up to v1.4.1 - Yoji Oshimoto for the 04b09 pixel font (http://www.04.jp.org) - Community mappers for their contributions - The forum moderation team - A huge thanks to all of those who sent in translations of SourceForts! - Ender_74 (French) - Eric Suveren (Danish) - Oskar Hellgren (Swedish) - K3X, nip, thePlayer (German) - firelove (Spanish) - Sergey Moskalev (Russian)
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