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About : No More Room in Hell

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"No More Room In Hell" Is a Co-Op Zombie Survivor Game, work as a team or die as a team. The mod will pit you and your friends against an unending horde of zombies bent on your destruction and boasts advanced technological features such as: Fully dismemberable bodies with ragdoll physics, an injury based damage system, the ability to barricade windows and doors with map debris or wood boards, highly dynamic environments, and zombie behaviour through a selective spawning system. Game play "No More Room in Hell" will have 3 core game play modes, with these modes being Extermination, Escape, & Barricade. Extermination The survivors (players) must hunt and eliminate all the zombies infesting the area, incinerating the corpses in a bonfire. There will be two modes of play. The first involves players competing in two teams to see which side can kill, collect, and burn the largest number of zombies. With players using several different means of getting the corpses to the bonfire, such as dragging by hand or using vehicles (i.e. pick-up truck). The second mode involves co-operative teamwork, as the players all work together to destroy every zombie plaguing the area and burn their corpses to remove all traces of the deadly infection. Of course the zombies are more than capable of coming after the players to dine on their flesh... So ask yourself. Are you the hunter or the hunted? Escape The survivors (players) have found themselves hounded wherever they go and are now on the run. As the horde of zombies close in on them they desperately seek to escape to safety. Players can either start in the same location or in different locations, depending on the map. Along the way players will need to complete objectives in order to proceed. Reagrdless the survivors will need to team up and move fast to stay one step ahead of the zombies. Barricade The survivors (players) find themselves in dire straights as they are pitted against a seemingly endless horde of zombies. A survivor's worst nightmare, they must barricade and defend a location for set duration. When this time has elapsed the survivors will either have succeeded in their goal (win) or be required to complete secondary objectives and/or reach an escape location on the map (i.e. a helicopter evacuation zone). This gameplay mode is not for the lone-wolf player, as it will require a strong co-operative team effort if the players ever hope for any chance of survival. For More information Visit No More Room In Hell Media Section. (according to some asshole:) Co-op, absolutley no Pvp, and there's no changing that. When you turn into one of them, you switch to an NPC. One of the things that makes this so original is the barricade game mode. You can barricade the houses up with nails and boards and hold of the zeds temporarily. The HUD will be very out of the way. Ammo is shown when reloading but fades away. Picture of weapon will be shown. And no health bar, your screen will darken and will hear heavy breathing and heartbeats. You can shove and sprint. Sprint will be based on stamina. You can commit suicide if you are infected. There is a "Corpse count" selection on the menu. I hate it when games leave that out. And nomitating kicks/bans and mutes will be easy to do. Just hold tab and right click on the persons name and pick what you want. And a list on Melee weapons- Melee - Baseball Bat (metal) - Chainsaw (Hell yes) - Claw Hammer - Crowbar - Fire Axe - Fire Poker - Hatchet - Ice pick - Ice Axe - Knives (assorted) - Lead Pipe - M9 Bayonet - Machete - Meat Cleaver - Monkey Wrench - Pick Axe - Pitchfork - Screwdriver - Shovel - Skinning Knife (hunting knife) - Sledge Hammer - Tire Iron - Tonfa Stick (Police Baton) - Wood Axe Weak/Breakable Melee - 2x4 w/ nails - Pool Cue - Wooden Bat Special Melee - Gas Can (w/ Matches or lighter) - Torch


ADMINISTRATION United States Coleman 'Cs42886' Sweeney Position: Project Manager Location: Midlothian, VA United States Tyler '3p!demiC' Grohoski Position: Lead Public Relations Location: Livonia, MI MUSIC DEPARTMENT United States Rich 'Beckett' Douglas Position: Music Composer Location: Dallas, TX VOICE ACTING DEPARTMENT United States Tyler '3p!demiC' Grohoski Position: Lead Voice Actor Location: Livonia, MI United States Chris 'Captain Munky' Adams Position: Voice Actor Location: Norman, OK SOUND DEPARTMENT Brazil Hermann 'hermann' Rauth Position: Lead Lead Audio / Sound Design / Implementation Location: Curitiba, Brazil Brazil Daniel 'daniel' Alves Position: Audio Programming / Technology Development Location: Curitiba, Brazil England Luke 'luke' Hatton Position: Sound Design / Implementation Location: Wales, United Kingdom England Wayne 'wayne' Ashby Position: Sound Design / Implementation Location: England, United Kingdom Romania Dragos 'dragos_b' Bratasanu Position: Sound Design Apprentice Location: Bucuresti, Romania Australia Kim 'phreak' Burgess Position: Sound Design Apprentice Location: Brisbane, Australia England Sam 'sam_justice' Justice Position: Sound Design / Implementation Location: England, United Kingdom MODELING DEPARTMENT United States 'BrigadierWolf' Position: Lead Modeler / Skinner / Animator Location: New York, NY United States Alex 'Neo God' Hollenbach Position: Character Modeler Location: Pennsylvania, USA United States Alex 'CyanideCotdPnuts' R. Position: Character Modeler / Texture Artist Location: Camarillo, CA Canada Matt 'Maxx' Kazan Position: Model Design Consultant [Rockstar Games] Location: Markham, ON MAPPING DEPARTMENT United States Jason 'Generalvivi' Mojica Position: Mapper / Modeler / Texture Artist Location: Nashville, TN Germany Jacob 'darth_brush' Wawer Position: Mapper / Level Designer Location: Klettgau-Griessen, Germany Brazil Alysson 'Slim Z.' Nehrer Position: Mapper Location: Conselheiro Lafaiete, Brazil CODING DEPARTMENT United States Andrew 'ssba' Orner Position: Lead Programmer Location: Carlisle, PA United States Eddie 'noob cannon lol' Renalie Position: Programmer Location: Pasadena, CA United States Aditya 'heavyhelmet' Gaddam Position: Programmer Location: MD, USA » Contributors Josiah : Interim Project Leader Blink : Maps Nicholas 'Dark' King : Maps PogoP : Maps SickJoe : Conceptual Artwork David 'ReK0' Shearer : Conceptual Artwork & Props Jabba : Video Teaser [link] Spajsat : Character Modeler / Skinner wRy : Models & UVMaps 'vance' Audio & Sound Design Richard 'Mobius' Waszczuk : Level Design & Website/Forum Termi : Programmer