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Project leader Mikhail "BuZZeR" Kadikov Mod's conception & style, Storyline, Level design, Texture art, Web site design. Coding Yriy "BUzer" Sitnikov Programming & coding. Modelling Vitaly "vitoss" Sokolowsky The characters models, Animations, Static meshes. Denis "ROCK" Garshin Weapons models, Animations, Static meshes. Alexey "Zlodey" Kiryanov Weapons models, Animations. Roman "e4g1e" Trifonov Static meshes. Grigoriy "[CCCP]Monstr" Odegov Weapons models, Animations, Static meshes. Eugene "Belf" Klimkin The characters models. "T.D." Static meshes. Georg Destroy Static meshes. Art Andrey "KasChei" Perednikas Consept art. Music Vladimir "J.D" Kunshin Mod's soundtrack.
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