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Sonic 3 A.I.R. - Mods & Resources by the S3AIR Modding Community

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    Mania Style Data Select

    Sonic 3 A.I.R.'s Data Select menu has never looked so Mania! - A Mod by agnoristos
  • Featured

    more time with super shapes

    more time with super shapes - A Mod by Steve_the_hedgehog
  • Featured

    The (probably) Ultimate Guide to Sprite Modding

    We do a little sprite modding... - A Tutorial by possiblyamagicmage
  • Featured

    How to make sprite mods on mobile

    For mobile gamers - A Tutorial by Bananic 2.0
    Bananic 2.0
  • Featured

    American Sonic

    Includes V.R.C GA quality seal (not really) - A Mod by Skidgi
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Make sure to look at the modding manual before posting a question. It may be answered there! 

The manual is included with the game download and can be found in sonic3airgame/doc/Modding.pdf.

Revisiting good old Angel Island for the first time since 1994?

Grab your mods, grab your copy of S3&K, lock-on your mods and play!

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Other/Misc category icon Other/Misc 67 Raw Data category icon Raw Data 37
Levels category icon Levels 33
Effects category icon Effects 11
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Requests 747
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Community Rules

  1. No recolors or low effort skin/sound mods, i.e. the sprite is barely changed, something that doesn't loop correctly or has a low bitrate.
  2. No mod spam, 2-3 mods per day is the limit except for sound mods, which is 1-2 per day. You can update mods as much as you need to though.
  3. Quality Control is key. If the Managers deem your submission low quality, it may get Withheld or Trashed.
  4. No mod theft, only make your own mods.
  5. If you use any content from another author(s) in your mod, you must fully credit them for the content used. You may be asked to provide proof of permission before your submission gets approved.
  6. If you use someone else's mod as a base, credit the author(s) of the original mod.
  7. Only modpacks that use links to the mods are allowed. Mods shouldn't be in one zip file, especially without the creator's permission.
  8. Only include files relevant to the mod or that the mod needs in order to work.
  9. WIP submissions must be above 0% and show the mod in-game through screenshots.
  10. Make sure your mods work on the latest stable release, unless they use a specific feature from a preview version. If that's the case then it's required for you to point that out in your mod's page.
  11. Absolutely no NSFW mods.
  12. Do not PM the managers because your submission is taking "too long" to be reviewed. The managers have lives and don't live solely for the internet. Your submission will be reviewed whenever a manager gets the chance to.

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A fan-made widescreen remaster of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

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