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Community Rules

  1. Gamefiles require in-game screenshots, due to the nature of how mods are released for this game. This means actual gameplay images, not just splash screens or images of what things are based on.
  2. Quality Control. Despite these mods being for Baldi, a game which has been made to deliberately look like it's a bad game from the 90s, we still expect a certain level of effort for mods made for it. Low quality is usually indicated by poorly cropped images and low effort Paint images.
  3. Personalization is not allowed in mod submissions. Personalized mods are for a specific person or small group and aren't ideal for community use. This includes names of any kind; people, clans, groups, personalised characters. etc.
  4. Don't refer to your non-WiP mod as "Pre-release". That's not a thing if you have created a submission, as that's considered a release.

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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, also known simply as Baldi's Basics is an indie horror video game parodying and based on educational video games from the 1980s and 90s. The game features a crudely animated character named Baldi who attempts to stop the player from escaping the school by asking them to solve math problems.


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