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Hello! Welcome to the Puyo Puyo VS 2 GameBanana section.
Feel free to join the Puyo Modding Discord server for discussing skin making with other PuyoVS modders.
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Skins 173
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Community Rules

  1. Site rules still apply https://gamebanana.com/wikis/1835
  2. Please source art used and give proper credit for what you use
  3. Recoloring/Reskinning existing skins is not allowed (The ONLY exception is recoloring puyo skins to compensate for color blindness, but properly credit if you do)
  4. If uploading a mod of an original character/ fan character please give a description of the character in the description of the mod's page (this does NOT include character recolors/reskins as previously mentioned)

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Puyo Puyo VS is a fangame created by Hernan created in Multimedia Fusion 2. It focuses completely on online play and thus has severely limited offline-play functionality. All aspects of the game were designed with competitive gameplay in mind. The game is comparable to Japanese online fangames as Puyo Puyo 2ch and Puyo Fura.


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