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Sonic Boll

Mods, discussions & more by the SB Modding Community

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    How to install and use Super Forms + Power Sonic.

    Hey guys, this is not clickbait. - A Tutorial by LegoshiStar
    Boll Skinnin'and Spinnin' ™
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    Gon (Addon Skin For Tarkan Mod)

    A WiP by davisudo
    Sonic Boll Mods 'n Tools
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    Dancing Triangle!

    Get pumped up! - A WiP by Pixel_Pedro
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    How to add Super Robo!

    Souper robo is reel!!!111 - A Tutorial by JadenArc
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    Sonic Boll: The Boom Pack

    Sonic But More Boom - A WiP by Quetzo
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Welcome to Sonic Boll Modding!
Please scroll down and look at the Community Rules below before posting.
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Skins 1.2k
WiPs 159
Threads 131
Questions 124
Requests 103
Sounds 81
Maps 44
Game files 33
Tutorials 11
Polls 5
Projects 5
Tools 2
News 2
Wares 1
Contests 1


Community Rules

  1. Please include the Sonic Boll version number your submission is built for in its title, if applicable (e.g.: [1.9.3]).
  2. Insignificant edits to sprites (such as recolors and sprite swaps) are not allowed, unless your skin is being ported from another game or Sonic Boll version, then it should be as faithful to the original as possible.
  3. Skins with duplicate sprites across multiple actions are not allowed. If you're short on ported sprites, consider creating customs.
  4. Proper credits (and roles) must be entered in the Ownership tab. These should include your involvement as well as copyright holders, sprite rippers and playtesters, if applicable. Software used does not need to be credited.
  5. Gamefile submissions that modify Sonic Boll's code require an executable (.exe) and a project file (.gm81), due to the game's open-source nature.

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This is a fan game made with the only purpose intended being fun. There is no financial support neither profit purposes. Sonic the Hedgehog is a registered trademark of Sega. Super Mario is a registered trademark of Nintendo. Support the software companies by buying their current products.
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