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Community Rules

  1. Recolors and insignificant edits are generally not allowed here, due to the low effort required to make them.
  2. An exception to the previous rule can be made if the edit is based off an official game.
  3. Sprite swaps, or skins that simply move one character's sprites to another character's sheet, are not allowed.
  4. Skins consisting of a single image on almost every frame/tile are not permitted. If you're short on required sprites, consider creating customs.
  5. Due to how Game Maker works, modifications to the game's code may require a seperate exe to be compiled. PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY MALICIOUS CODE!
  6. Modifications to the game's code require that the source code (the gm81 file) be provided in the download, due to the game's open-source nature.
  7. Credits on the skin's image file itself will not be counted as or considered proper credits (and are generally inaccurate anyway). Give credit on the authors part of the submission, please.
  8. Skins for earlier versions of the game (1.7 or earlier) are allowed, but you MUST set it within the "Old Version Skins" category, as well as specify which version of the game it's for.

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