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Ace of Spades

Mods, discussions & more by the AoS Modding Community

  • Featured

    M107A1 - Desert Ops

    A Skin by Kromium
  • Featured

    Accuracy International AS50

    A Skin by sidex15
  • Featured

    Remmington 870 MCS (Desert Digital)

    A WiP by PTrooper
  • Featured

    The Semi-AWPtomatic

    A mod for the Rifle for Openspades - A Skin by PTrooper
  • Featured

    Asiimov skin for M4 Magpul v1.1 (Openspades Only)

    A Skin by M0N0CHR0M3_
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Hello, and welcome to the Ace of Spades section of Gamebanana!
  • Make sure to read the rules if you are planning to post a submission!
  • If have a question, please ask one of the Game Managers. Just scroll down a bit, and you can see them!
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Skins 1.5k
Threads 60
GUIs 24
Effects 23
Game files 14
WiPs 12
Tutorials 11
Maps 7
Tools 7
Sounds 5
News 2
Scripts 2


Community Rules

  1. ADD SCREENSHOTS. Submissions must have at least two (2) in-game screenshots.
  2. PREFIX YOUR SUBMISSIONS. Prefix your submission title with [OS] if it is for OpenSpades, or [B&S] if it is for Build and Shoot or BetterSpades. This rule only applies to skin submissions.
  3. CREDITS. Make sure to credit the person / organization whose assets you are using.
  4. BE CIVIL. When criticizing someone's work, provide a cordial, and constructive feedback. Do not create animosity that will lead to drama because open hostilities will not be tolerated! Remember the human behind that computer screen :)
  5. ON LOW EFFORT CONTENT. Quality control is enforced. Simple recolors, and minimal modifications (to someone's own skin, or the base files) might be withheld upon the discretion of a moderator or a game manager.
  6. DO NOT LOCK YOUR SUBMISSION BEHIND A PAYWALL/PASSWORD. This is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and your skin will be withheld until you fix the issue! This includes LOCKING your submission on another third-party provider other than Gamebanana - with that said, you can post alternate file sources, as long as the WHOLE original file can be downloaded from Gamebanana.

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A voxel-based First Person Shooter with building elements.


Game Submission
Barbaric_Numbat 9y
Ben Aksoy
Ben Aksoy
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