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Crysis 2

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Game files

Crysis 2 Banner

Overview Crysis 2 is set in New York City, which has since been evacuated due to alien infestation. Similar to its predecessor, Crysis 2 will provide freedom to customize weaponry and abilities. Crytek wanted to avoid making another game set in a jungle environment, as were Far Cry and Crysis; New York City has been dubbed an "urban jungle". The urban atmosphere offers more options in how to progress and plan attacks. Players will be able to navigate between floors and buildings, as well as destroy cityscape. "Nomad" reprises his role as the main character. An early demo has the player called 'Prophet', the mysterious squad leader from Crysis. Crytek amended this, saying that the player will be Nomad. However, they also mentioned a possibility on how Nomad is being mistaken as Prophet throughout the story. The protagonist is not meant to be wearing the Nanosuit 2, and so Crynet Systems will be hunting the player down. There will be more freedom of choice, larger gameplay options and more tactical warfare. The soldiers will now be equipped with new equipment including the Nanosuit 2. The Nanosuit 2 gives players more freedom in their options of how to tackle situations on the battlefield. Crytek have stated their intention to surpass the original game graphically and have noted that combat in the game will be "catastrophically beautiful". Crytek have also claimed that Crysis 2 will have lower system requirements than the original game. Nanosuit 2 Crytek has teased the redesigned Nanosuit, called "Nanosuit 2", in a fake advertising brochure The new Nanosuit sports new and upgraded features. However, suit functionality has been streamlined; there will be a period of time where players are able to use multiple power modes simultaneously before the suit fully restricts. There are two trailers, with one a trailer showing the suit in a wire-frame state, the other showing the suit in a complete state. The suit is to feature many improvements over its predecessor. PC Gamer magazine published a preview of Crysis 2, showing a park and a destroyed city street with an alien device in the center. In the article's interview Crytek hints at how the game will have "increased verticality" and will be set in a "new type of jungle" (New York City, a "concrete jungle"). In PC Gamer's preview, the release date was written to be December 2010.


Crytek UK
Electronic Arts
Release Date
Development State
Във вътрешна Бета & Actively Developed

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