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Pirates, Vikings & Knights II includes a wide variety of features making game play exciting, fun and interesting for all. Features include 3 teams with 6 unique classes on each, a variety of gamemodes and maps that haven't been seen elsewhere as well as a unique combat system that puts the player in the shoes of a real melee fighter. For those interested in projectile weapons, the game is loaded with those as well.


Crazytalk: Lead, Environmental Artist, Weapon/Prop Modelling, Site Management HaVoK: Lead, Environmental Artist, Weapon/Prop Modelling jRocket: Lead, Environmental Artist, Texture Artist, Character/Prop Modelling, Animation Akz: Code, Design Xealous: Texture Artist MaHaTmA: Texture Artist Hengishammer: Concept Artist, Historian, Knight Voice Gaz: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist YeeHaa: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist Skjalg: Environmental Artist, Prop Modelling, Texture Artist Clark Dennis: Environmental Artist, Texture Artist Evil_Taxi: Environmental Artist, Texture Artist Orl: Character Modelling, Texture Artist Schaf: Prop Modelling, Texture Artist MrUnknown: Quality Assurance Battin: Site Graphics Simon: Site Design Bob Thomas: Lead Composer, Sound FX Rejenorst: Composer, Sound FX, Pirate/Viking Voice Docmortand: Sound FX, Voice Bleek II: Sound FX InstantSonic: Sound FX, Voice Yosh: Demo Smoothing, Video Editing MeltingIce: Skybox Artist Contributions: MrAgent: FTP/Server Hosting PAcifisti: Server Hosting Wacko: File/Server Hosting Heretic: Prop Models/Textures Neko: Cutlasses and Blunderbuss Models Talon: Crossbow and Powder Keg Models, 'Theif' Model Zephyr: Prop Models
Octoshark Studios
Octoshark Studios
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