Download : BRoAken 1.1

A Mod for Rivals of Aether

Archive Contents

  • active_67b34.rar Contains 13 files & 1 directory Raw file list
    • active/
      • custom_absa.ini
      • custom_clairen.ini
      • custom_etalus.ini
      • custom_forsburn.ini
      • custom_general.ini
      • custom_kragg.ini
      • custom_maypul.ini
      • custom_orcane.ini
      • custom_ori.ini
      • custom_ranno.ini
      • custom_wrastor.ini
      • custom_zetterburn.ini
      • desktop.ini

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

To install, navigate to 


and replace custom_(name).ini with the files of the same name from the .zip

Turn on Developer Mode in-game under Local->Versus Settings for the changes to take effect.

By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

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