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Call of Duty and United Offensive Axis Players

A Mod for Call of Duty: United Offensive

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Call of Duty and united Offensive Axis Player

This mod is the update to my first Axis Player mod that did not support United Offensive. This fixes a small number of the
Call of Duty axis mod problems as well. Clearly, one look at the screenshots tells you that this mod switches the player and
his allies with Germans, including tanks. One update to this mod, besides United Offensive support, is that now (a limited
number of) allies are given German names and ranks. Some allies, for one reason or another, don't have these name changes.
At the bottom of the readme is a guide that details exactly what the mod changes so players can figure out if it's wise to
use in user-made maps, and above that guide is a list of the included mini-mods, what they do and where to put them.
Below INSTALLATION is a short list of the latest updates.

SCREENSHOT DESCRIPTIONS - I only took one picture of United Offensive, but rest assured it's also changed.
AP1 - Captain Price in disguise.
AP2 - For the Fatherland!
AP3 - Captain Foley pays his dues to a fallen comrade. (Outdated, as Captain Foley's head is now fixed.)
AP4 - A Panzer column moving out to take out some Russian T34s.
AP5 - Captain Price got his groove back! Yeah, baby! (His head is fixed! His name is still &quot;broken&quot;.)
AP6 - An American with a German rank and name.
AP7 - A Russian with a German rank and name.
AP8 - A Brit with a German rank and name. Becaues the Brits are Waffen SS, I gave them Waffen SS ranks.
AP9 - We captured Captain Foley! (That really is Captain Foley.)
AP10 - Obviously a T34 instead of a Tiger Tank.

SP_COD_axisplayer.pk3 into Main directory to play Call of Duty and/or United Offensive.
SP_COD_axisplayer--zimpinvinc.pk3 into Main directory to play Call of Duty with more invincible allies.
SP_UO_axisplayer.pk3 into uo directory to play United Offensive.
SP_UO_axisplayer--zimpinvinc.pk3 into uo directory to play United Offensive with more invincible allies.
SP_UO_axisplayer_AmericanCampaign.pk3 into your uo driectory to play the UO American campaign.
SP_UO_axisplayer_BritishCampaign.pk3 into your uo driectory to play the UO British campaign.
SP_UO_axisplayer_RussianCampaign.pk3 into your uo driectory to play the UO Russian campaign.
SP_UO_axisplayer_NovilleFixAmericans.pk3 into your uo directory. This fixes Noville and makes all Winter enemies Americans.
SP_UO_axisplayer_NovilleFixRussians.pk3 into your uo directory so that all Winter enemies are Russians. Russian weapons will
not make sounds!
SP_UO_axisplayer_NovilleFixTanks.pk3 into your uo directory so that all friendly tanks are Shermans. This allows you to watch
the intro to Noville, but then you will get no Panzer IVs on your team.
SP_UO_axisplayer_SwitchedB-17.pk3 into your uo directory to have German bombers as your allies on the Bomber level. The
problem with this is that the German bombers are undersized and will not shoot at enemies, but they otherwise look and move
just fine.

LATEST UPDATES! - - - That I can remember. - - -
Heads of main characters like Captain Price and Sergeant Pavlov have been fixed.
German names and ranks have been given to generic allies. Important allies will still have original names and English ranks.
Pathfinder, Truck Ride and Airfield give the player German weapons.
Winter Americans are now Wehrmact Winter Germans and Winter Russians/British are now Waffen Winter Germans.
Loading screens are replaced with German versions.
All enemy Russians are veterans instead of recruits.
Static tanks are what they're supposed to be, now! No more enemy Tiger tanks!
And the best update of them all: German voiceovers! At the same time I release this mod, I will also release a .zip that
includes .pk3s of German voiceovers from the German versions of CoD and UO so characters will speak German! The reason I'm
not including the sound files with this release is that the sound mod is around 156 megabytes big, while the normal mod is
only 19.5.

Wanna' know some interesting things about German Call of Duty?
The German save state pictures were taken rather poorly with the player being able to see the gun in the picture, when
normally the gun would be hidden. They're weirdly lo-rez, as well. One of the Ship save states revealed that Captain price
was apparently going to live longer than he normally did, and that Captain Price and the player were going to get MP44s. You
know the intro movie? Even in German, the Americans speak English (even though the Americans speak German in the game) and
I swear the Russians speak Russian in the intro. Is there a Russian Call of Duty? 'Cause I'd love some actual Russian


--- Call of Duty ---

ANY LEVEL THAT APPLIES - Allies are horribly slaughtered by the enemy, even on Greenhorn, given 100,000 health.
Difficulty is increased dramatically (in comparison to the original difficulties). Allies seem to only spawn with
Kar98ks and the rare MP40, so allies are less effective.
Resolution: Make all allies invincible. It's terribly extreme, but in many levels, every single ally
would die when they normally wouldn't.

ANY LEVEL THAt APPLIES - Support Gunners (normally guys with M1 Carbines, but given FG42s in this mod) never appear
anywhere on any level.
Resolution: This is annoying, and I have no idea what causes it. This may also effect the Russians
and the British.

ANY LEVEL THAT APPLIES - Any weapon the player leaves on the ground loses almost all of its ammo, especially German
Resolution: This will have to be ignored until I can find out what causes this.

ANY LEVEL THAT APPLIES - Enemies drop huge amounts of ammo, but allies drop a lot less.
Resolution: Again, ignored. This is probably because of the switch in weapons, as German weapons,
which are in great abundance, are meant to drop less ammo.

ANY LEVEL THAT APPLIES - Many allies aren't given German names. Some don't even have names or ranks at all.
Resolution: I'm not entirely sure why, but I guess the names are specified in the levels themselves. As for a lack of names
on certain characters that should have names, I'm not sure how to fix that either. These problems will have to be ignored.

DAWNVILLE (And any level that applies) - Enemy tanks will not fire their machine guns.
Resolution: This problem does decrease difficulty, but it will have to be ignored.

DAWNVILLE - An enemy tank is supposed to be destroyed by two soldiers throwing a grenade inside, but they never do.
Resolution: The player can still destroy the tank with a panzerfaust, so the problem isn't that bad.

STALINGRAD - The game potentially crashes when the player recieves ammo on the docks, or right before he beats the level.
Resolution: Sometimes the game would crash, sometimes it wouldn't. You might want to skip this level entirely.

PEGASUS BRIDGE NIGHT - The German soldiers in the glider have British weapons.
Resolution: This is level-specific, and it's not nearly enough of a problem to be worth looking for
a real solution.

TRUCK RIDE/AIR FIELD - There are no drivers in any of the vehicles.
Resolution: I have no idea why. Kind of creepy, because the vehicles will still move and whatnot.
There are hardly any passengers in the trucks, and no passengers in the cars, so this removes some of the
excitement from the level. Just shoot at where the drivers and passengers would normally be.

BERLIN - When I had made it to the end of Berlin, the game had crashed because of the same problem that crashes
Resolution: Luckily, once you get to that point, you've already beaten the game and it doesn't
matter. Congrats! You defeated the Allies and retook Berlin!

--- United Offensive ---

THE TRENCHES - Some characters are Russians and in the ammo-giving part of the Trenches some characters are missing.
Resolution: I'm not so sure about the guys in the Trench, but the problem with the Russians wasn't big enough and was too
hard to fix to make me want to fix it.

BASTOGNE2 - Captain Foley has no hat.
Resolution: ... I don't know.

BASTOGNE2 - The destroyed tanks' treads move backwards as if the tank was alive and moving.
Resolution: I actually think I know how to fix this, but I really didn't bother trying because I thought it was too cool to
just ruin by fixing it.

NOVILLE - When playing without the NovilleFixTanks, the intro is skipped and everyone sits still.
Resolution: You must wait for the tanks to move all the way up to where they want to go. Then everyone will start doing what
they're supposed to do and you can play the level regularly. The problem is that the player can't ride the Panzer IV like he
does the Sherman, so if you want your allied tanks to be Panzer IVs, you must endure waiting several seconds.

TRAINBRIDGE - Enemies are British Airborne, rather than their Dutch Resistance counterparts.
Resolution: I tried to make the enemies the Dutch Resistance, but the level wouldn't work properly when I did.

TRAINBRIDGE - An enemy with a bazooka is an American instead of a Brit.
Resolution: If I tried to fix it, the level wouldn't work properly, so I left it alone.

TRAINBRIDGE/SICILIY 1 and 2 - Major Ingram doesn't has his CoD1 head instead of his CoDUO head. And he looks funny when he
Resolution: The CoDUO head of Major Ingram had a beret attached to it, so I had to use his old head. As for the funny-
looking talk, I guess his original head was better built for it.

ENDING OF ANY CAMPAIGN - The little history lesson things at the end of every campaign are in English, rather than German.
Resolution: I couldn't find the German versions, but luckily you rarely see these ending things.

All of the material used to make the mod is ownership of the Call of Duty people, but the changing of everything was me! ME
ME ME ME ME! Broadus!
ACTUALLY! The idea of the German names was given to me by a fellow named Vigh Endre, and many of the names given to me were
also his.

You may use, modify and distribute these files at your leisure. It's not like they took any REAL work for me to modify.

E-Mail :     Contact me if there are any problems.

- = Call of Duty and United Offensive Mini-Mods = -

These mods are pointless mods that weren't nearly big or special enough to release as full mods, so I stuck them into this
mod as a little, optional bonus pack.

ZZZ-COD_NoSPMusic.pk3 - This disables all of the single-player music in Call of Duty. The music is great, but sometimes it's
nice to just soak in all the ambience. Put into your Main directory to install.
ZZZZZZ-COD_SPsfx.pk3 - This adds special effects taken from Pathfinder, Burnville and Pegasus Bridge Night to all of the
original Call of Duty maps. Note that the special effects don't have their coordinates changed, so they may appear in really
weird places or in just one direction, if they appear at all. They don't really work on Car Ride or Truck Ride. In a horrible,
terrible addition, I can't get the sounds of the special effects to work (such as the explosions in the background or the
sounds of the anti-airguns firing), except on Pegasus Night (where the sounds are supposed to be) and user-made maps. These
special effects aren't added to Burnville, because then the map wouldn't load. There are already special effects in
Burnville, anyway, seeing as how this mod was made by taking stuff from Burnville. Put into your Main directory to install.

ZZZ-UO_nointro.pk3 - This makes all of the intros to United Offensive last a second or so, so you just get a bunch of black
screens. You'll have to wait for your mouse cursor to disappear, then you must left click to get to the menu. I couldn't make
a similar mod for Call of Duty. Put into your uo directory to install.
ZZZ-UO_NoSPMusic.pk3 - This is just like the above Call of Duty NoSPMusic mod. Takes away all of the single-player music from
United Offensive. Does not effect multiplayer. Put into your uo directory to install.


DESCRIPTION: This mod was built for the original levels. However, it is possible to use it on user-made maps, but it may
have undesirable results. This guide will tell you what PK3s do what to what, so you know whether it's wise or possible to
use them on a particular user-made single-player map you'd like to play.
All American viewmodel hands are turned into their German counter-parts, so don't run a server with this mod!

SP_COD_axisplayer.pk3 (<-- means Is Replaced By)
--- Allied Replacements ---
American Airborne <-- Fallschirmjager _ (Germans with Bowl-Shaped Helmets, Both Camo and Grey)
American Airborne Winter <-- Wehrmacht Winter _ (White Winter Guys)
British Commando _ (Brits with Green Berets) <-- Waffen SS _ (Green Camo Guys)
British Commando Winter <-- Waffen SS Winter _ (Green Winter Guys)
British Airborne _ (Brits with Helmets and Red Berets) <-- Waffen SS
Russian Army <-- Wehrmacht (Grey Germans)
Russian Army Winter <-- Waffen SS Winter
--- Axis Replacements ---
Fallschirmjager Officers and NCOs <-- British Commando
Fallschirmjager Anything Else <-- British Airborne
Kriegsmarine _ (Germans on the Ship) <-- British Airborne
Waffen SS Winter <-- Russian Army Winter
Wehrmacht Winter <-- American Airborne Winter
Waffen SS <-- Russian Army
Wehrmacht <-- American Airborne
--- Vehicle Replacements --- (This does not include static Tiger Tanks which appear in their pink-and-grey forms in the original
single-player maps.)
Tiger Tanks _ (Larger German Tanks) and Panzer IV _ (Smaller German Tank) <-- Green T34 (Russian Tank)
Green T34 <-- Black Tiger Tank
Winter T34 <-- Panzer IV

--- Human Replacements ---
SAS Commando _ (The guys on the Sicily level) <--> Tropical Germans _ (Yellow Germans)
Dutch Resistance _ (Guys on Trainbridge with Ties) <-- Waffen SS
--- Vehicle Replacements ---
Spitfire _ (British Fighter) <--> Mezzerschmitt _ (German Fighter)
He111 _ (German Bomber) <-- B-17 (American Bomber)
Su152 _ (Heavy Russian Tank) <--> Elefant _ (Heavy German Tank)
Sherman _ (American Tank) <--> Panzer IV

--- Vehicle Replacements ---
Panzer IV <-- Winter Sherman
Tiger Tank <-- Winter T34

--- Human Replacements ---
Wehrmacht <-- British Airborne

--- Human Replacements ---
Wehrmacht <-- Russian Army
--- Vehicle Replacements ---
Panzer IV <-- T34
Tiger Tank <-- Sherman

--- Human Replacements ---
Waffen SS Winter <-- American Airborne Winter

--- Human Replacements ---
Wehrmacht Winter <-- Russian Army Winter

--- Vehicle Replacements ---
Sherman Tank <-- Sherman Tank

--- Vehicle Replacements ---
B-17 <-- He111



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