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Alternate Stamina Regen

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Added no rain slipping. 6d
  • Addition Added no rain slipping as an additional file for CeeBee1988 (and anyone else who wants it) ENJOY!
  • - (Shout out to WiseHorror for making the original No rain slip mod)
This is a simple change to how stamina works that I made for personal use and friends. Thought I would share it. 

* Stamina drains slower when running (about 1/2 of vanilla)

* While swimming, if Link wades in the water or slowly swims he very slowly regens stamina.

* While climbing, Link can take a break and stop climbing to regain energy.

* Other smaller changes not worth mentioning.

This is a more fun way to play the game IMO (and less annoying) so I thought I would finally release it for everyone.


--- The only file changed in this mod is the GameROMPlayer.sbactorpack for those that want to manually merge mods ---


  • 6d insert_drive_file Alternate Stamina Regen
  • 6d insert_drive_file Alt Stam Regen & No Rain Slip


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  • access_time 4d edit 4d
    Can you do this for linkle please i would really appreciate it.
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  • Thuddinghorns avatar
    Thuddinghorns Joined 6d ago
    access_time 6d
    Would a compatibility patch for the Linkle mod be possible? I love the both of these mods quite a lot.
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  • Pwnjones avatar
    Pwnjones Joined 6d ago
    access_time 6d
    I'm playing as Link, started a new game with this mod and I was naked with Linkle's hair. Removed this mod, started another new game and everything was normal again. I've never used the Linkle mod and this is a new install of the game on a new computer.
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    "Hey bro, what kind of pic do you wanna use to represent stamina?"

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    Oversensitive sociopath
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    CeeBee1988 Joined 1y ago
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    access_time 7d
    Hey there, does this stop you slipping while climbing in rain?

    I like the idea of this mod, however I'm also using the "No slipping" mod, which also uses the GameROMPlayer.sbactorpack file. And that mod has become quite important for me, lol
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  • JJtheGamerGuy avatar
    JJtheGamerGuy Joined 3mo ago
    112 points Ranked 65924th
    access_time 8d
    You're consistently producing quality mods. 
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