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Tougher Trees & Ore

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Added Tough Ore Deposits! 7d
  • Addition added ore deposits and made them much harder to break.
Definitive version 2. 12d Adjustment
This mod makes trees & ore much harder to harvest. A more realistic approach to survival. No more can link one shot trees & ore deposits or blow them up with a well placed bomb, nope! You have to work for it now. Woodcutters Axe and Double Edged Axe do ALOT more damage to trees than all other weapons now, so you might want to keep an axe on you at all times! Also, Ore deposits now can't be destroyed by hammers with one hit. 2-handed weapons do much more damage to ore now as well as hammers. So a small sword would take 30-40 hits to break an ore while a decent 2-hander will break it in about 5-8 hits.


(This is a small part of the Survival of the Wild Project that I am working on.)



check_box_outline_blank Make 2-hander swords do more damage to trees. (this is already done for Ores) check_box_outline_blank Add giant rock boss's to tougher ore mod. check_box_outline_blank Add random mini rock dudes randomly pop out of ore deposits. check_box_outline_blank Add random Chu Chus jumping out of trees when you cut them.


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  • JJtheGamerGuy avatar
    JJtheGamerGuy Joined 3mo ago
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    >add random Chu Chus jumping out of trees when you cut them

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  • Toastyanon avatar
    Toastyanon Joined 18d ago
    access_time 12d
    This is a great mod, and it deserves to be explored a little. Perhaps you could make a version where all 2-handed bladed weapons, like claymores, can cut down trees easier as well? Or make it so that there's one type of tree that is easier for all weapons to cut down than others? In any case, this is a fun mod that has already left a mark on how I play the game. Excellent work!
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  • The Bread Pirate avatar
    The Bread Pirate Joined 5mo ago
    access_time 13d
    Excellent idea for a mod!
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    I'm here for an education.
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  • mbyte avatar
    mbyte Joined 14d ago
    access_time 13d edit 13d
    Nice. I've been modding my botw to be a survival version. No Glider, No fast Travel. If I could design it so I could only carry one bow, shield, and weapon at a time I would. I'll be looking forward to your Survival of the Wild Project.

    You did the lantern mod too. I downloaded that as well because I engineered my nights to be darker. Night time in BOTW might as well be day time. Atm I switch between two presets, Sefrost (Day), The Complaining Gamer (Night). and played wth a few variables to decrease fog, bluer skies and balance out the color spectrum etc. Now I'm definitely looking forward to your survival mod

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