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Extended Variant Mode

A Mod for Celeste

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Version 0.5.3 5d
  • Addition New variant: Room Lighting (idea from NeoKat)
  • Improvement Added option to refill jumps whenever the dash is refilled (suggested by IsaGoodFriend and nameguy)
  • Improvement Added option to exclude Invincibility from the variant randomizer (idea from nameguy)
  • Adjustment Extra jumps do not take priority over walljumps anymore, so you can now walljump even if you have extra jumps (wow) (report by IsaGoodFriend)
A bunch of people from Discord suggested and reported a bunch of things (thank you!), so here is an update bringing some of these things.

"something something I heard you like options so we put options in your options" - nameguy
Version 0.5.2 7d BugFix Version 0.5.1 7d Addition Improvement2 Tweak Version 0.5.0 9d Addition Improvement Version 0.4.5 11d Improvement
A simple code mod allowing to destroy Celeste change some things in the game mechanics.

Adds some options to the Mod Options menu:
  • Gravity and Max fall speed: can be used together to create a "space" effect, where falling is slower
  • Jump height: control the max height of Madeline's jumps
  • Walk speed: affects all horizontal movement when going around
  • Stamina: affects the ability to climb and grab
  • Dash speed and Dash duration: allows for faster and/or longer dashes
  • Dash count: disable dashing or give Madeline up to 5 dashes (also affects refills)
  • Ground friction: make the ground more or less slippery everywhere
  • Disable wall jumping (in case you want to make Celeste not Celeste anymore)
  • Jump count: removes your ability to jump or gives you the ability to jump again in midair (Refill Jumps on Dash Refill will give you back your extra jumps whenever you get your dash back)
  • Upside Down: this flips the game upside down. Much like the Mirror Mode variant, but vertically.
  • Hyperdash Speed and Wallbouncing Speed: controls the speed of hyperdashes (stacks up with X speed) or wallboucing (stacks up with jump height)
  • Disable neutral jumping: Prevents you from using that technique to climb walls without losing stamina. Neutral jumps now behave like normal jumps!
  • Badeline Chasers Everywhere: Get Badeline to chase you on every screen in the mountain! (with customizable number of Badelines because why not)
    • The "Affect Existing Chasers" option will also modify the number of Badelines on screens where there already are chasers, like Old Site in the base game. except in the screen where you first encounter Badeline because that would trigger the cutscene 10 times at the same time
  • Regular Hiccups: Exactly like the vanilla variant, but you can set the hiccup frequency instead of having a random delay between 1.2 and 1.8 seconds. You can make it go down to 0.1 second. Except you shouldn't. (Please note this won't have any effect if the vanilla Hiccups variant is enabled.)
  • Room Lighting: Set the lighting of all the rooms in the game. In case you want Golden Ridge to be dark and Mirror Temple to be bright.

This has some Troll Variants too (weird ideas that somehow got implemented anyway):
  • Force Duck on Ground: Exactly what it says, you have to duck whenever you touch the ground!
  • Invert Dash: Dash right by pressing Left + Dash.
  • Change Variants Randomly: The mod will change some variants while you play (including vanilla variants), turning the game into complete chaos.

More to come if I get more ideas. If you have some, just ping me on the Discord server!

These variants can also be used by maps, with the Extended Variants Trigger. Check the README-Mappers.txt in the zip file for more details.


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  • access_time 18d
    I think I found a bug in the Stamina changer. It seems to get reset to Celeste's default when I enter a new screen, and then set back to my modded version when I die.
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    Clantis Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 27d edit 27d
    my ideas are if you can enable the mouse have a mode where you can use the mouse to teleport madeline to anywhere on the screen. second is hyperdash speed multiplier. third is dash delay multiplier and last is making double jump a multipler instead of a toggle.
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Development Info

I made this mod to try out IL manipulation (made possible by Everest), and I thought trying to change simple things in the game's behavior was a good introduction to code modding.

I used Fabeline/RainbowMod as a starting point, and the tutorial on the Everest wiki to get started.

The Extended Variants Trigger was very heavily inspired by the Force Variants Trigger in Isa's Grab Bag of Mechanics.

You can check out this code mod's source code here.


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