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Sonic 2 Bugfixes & Knuckles

A Mod for Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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I hacked Sonic 2 myself using the SVN disassembly to add features and fix bugs. Bugfixes include:
  • Fixed Emerald Hill Zone deformation glitch
  • Removed Air Speed Cap
  • Fixed deletion of Rings after hitting bottom level boundary
  • Fixed a race condition with Patter Load Cues to prevent some crashes
  • Fixed the Chemical Plant Zone boss' attack to hurt player while crouching
  • Fixed the collision of the Aquatic Ruin Zone boss pillars and arrows
  • Fixed all if not most of the glitches related to the Casino Night Zone boss
  • Fixed the Hill Top Zone background mountains not scrolling correctly
  • Fixed the Oil Ocean Zone's launchers speeding Sonic up glitch
  • Fixed Demo playback to hold button presses
  • Fixed a glitch where if Sonic tranformed into Super Sonic after beating a level he would get stuck
  • Corrected Super Sonic's speeds after transforming underwater
  • Sped up Ring countdown for Super Sonic
  • Fixed a glitch where Super Sonic and Sonic with Speed Shoes would decelerate too quickly when rolling down inclines
  • Corrected wrong palettes and air suspension after transforming into Super Sonic twice in one level
  • Made the last frame of Super Sonic's palette used
  • Fixed a glitch that made Sonic's transfromation palette underwater unused
  • Fixed the Rolling-jump to have the correct height and not lock you in place when landing (Sonic & Tails only)
  • Fixed a glitch where if you Spin Dashed on the edge of the screen, the Spin Dash would be cancelled (Sonic & Tails Only)
  • Fixed all if not most glitches relating to Sonic drowning
  • Fixed the Y-position of the camera for Tails
  • Fixed an animation glitch where Tails' tails used wrong animation when standing next to a pushable object
  • Fixed Death Egg Robot collision
  • Fixed the "14 Continues Cheat" playing Oil Ocean Zone's OST forever instead of continue jingle
  • Fixed a glitch that would crash the game placing objects in Debug Mode after Sonic died
  • Disabled floor collision when dying
  • Corrected jump height out of water
  • You now collide with water when being hurt
  • Fixed the Ring deletion timer
  • Tails' respawn speed was increased
I also added new features, too:
  • Press jump button twice to activate Super Sonic
  • Knuckles the Echidna is fully playable
Now Knuckles is interesing, however-- he's perfect during the main game, but he has no assigned ending and just uses Sonic's, and in Special Stages he's Tails with messed-up HUD and when you beat a Special Stage it calls him Sonic but gives you Tails' Ring bonus. Super Knuckles IS implemented, though.



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mcginnis03 Joined 7mo ago
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Resouce and Special Thanks
SCHG tutorials on Sonic Retro and the people who wrote them
Made this possible to begin with


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mcginnis03 Joined 7mo ago
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