Goku (Super Saiyan Transformation)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

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This mod is the public release of the Goku featured in the CMC modpack, found here.
In addition to giving Goku several new basic attacks and new effects for attacks such as the Kamehameha, its main feature is replacing Kai-O Ken with a fully-playable transformation in the form of Super Saiyan. All Super Saiyan animations and all new animations are fully compatible with all items.

(NOTE: There is currently a graphical glitch with the Kamehameha when Goku scales up or down in size. It is being looked into and will be addressed later.)

Differences between Super Saiyan and Kai-O Ken:
-No recoil damage
-Timing and charge are tracked using a visible bar above Goku's HUD
-Damage multiplier is much smaller (1.25 instead of 1.5)
-Transformation lasts much longer
-Transformation will not end mid-attack and will only end when Goku returns to a neutral position
-U-Air transitions into a powerful auto-combo
-Certain attacks can be cancelled into a "Snap Vanish" by using U-Spec upon hit that allows for follow-up attacks
-F-Air gains an extra two hits in its combo
-D-Spec does not automatically end the transformation, but will instead cost 1/5th of its maximum duration time
-Different dodge animations
-Buffed teleportation distance for N-Spec

New general changes for Goku:
-New Idle animation
-New Jab combo finisher
-Reanimated S-Tilt
-Buffed U-Tilt hitbox
-New D-Tilt
-New F-Smash
-New F-Air (three-hit combo, akin to Bayonetta in Sm4sh/Ultimate)
-Slightly reanimated U-Spec
-Fixed graphical glitches for N-Spec charging effects
-New effects for N-Spec
-Z-Air is now Smash F-Spec, F-Spec is now old Smash F-Spec (courtesy of CMC Team)
-Three new taunt quotes (Hold Up/Down/Left/Right during Taunt for different quotes)
-New and tweaked effects for both Final Smashes
-New victory animation


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    Is this the same Goku from CMC or are there any changes from that? The bar on the HUD is the only noticeable thing I'm seeing.
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    Mythos saving the look of the modding scene with some amazing uploads!
    (Also I like how his file is called "naruto.rar." XD)
    Btw just something that might only be for me, but due to the loads of .gifs you posted the site took pretty long to load.
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    That Is So Cool.
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Kamehameha Effects
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