Link Expanded Mod (Attempted Balance Update)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Crusade

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Attempted Balance Update 3d
  • - Decreased Items F-Smash damage from 25% to 20%
  • - Decreased HS F-Smash damage from 20% to 18% (with both hits)
  • - Increased distance traveled on second hit of HS F-Smash
  • - Greatly increased endlag on Items D-Smash
  • - Buffed KBG on HS D-Air's initial sweetspot, but nerfed the lingering hitbox
  • - Greatly nerfed KBG on Item D-Air's first hit (falling)
  • - Slightly buffed BKB on Item D-Air's first hit (falling)
  • - Buffed KBG on HS Dash Attack's second hit
  • - Greatly nerfed KBG on Item Dash Attack's KBG
  • - Buffed KBG on HS N-Spec's Aerial variation/Second hit
  • - Buffed BKB on HS grounded F-Spec's second hit
  • - Buffed BKB on HS aerial F-Spec's fourth hit (landing)
  • - Buffed Damage, BKB, and KBG on HS grounded D-Spec's second hit (only when countering)
  • - Nerfed BKB on HS aerial D-Spec's second hit (landing)
  • - Greatly buffed KBG on HS aerial D-Spec's second hit (landing)
  • - HS Link now moves faster and has better aerial mobility than Items Link
This mod modifies Link's moveset in both his Items and Hidden Skills alts (mostly his Items alt), in addition to polishing several animations and allowing for Link to switch between them mid-battle via a taunt. These new attacks and animations completely alter Link's playstyle to be both closer to the source material and have a much more interesting gameplay dynamic. In addition, all of the new animations and attacks are fully compatible with all items.

Install in the "fighters" folder, replacing the default link.bin file.

-Ability to swap between Items and Hidden Skills mid-match using a taunt
-New Dash Attack in Items mode; Link uses the Hover Boots to augment a shield bash, which can travel over the edge to edgeguard opponents
-New F-Smash in Items mode: Link uses the Megaton Hammer for a strong, but short-range one-hit strike
-New U-Smash in Items mode: Link swipes overhead with the Biggoron Sword for a wide, powerful single-hit slash
-New D-Smash in Items mode: Link uses the Fire Rod to spread fireballs that travel away from him and fall to lower platforms when offstage
-New F-Air in Items mode: A single overhead slash, akin to his iconic jumping attack from the source material
-New D-Air in Items mode: Link equips the Iron Boots to crash to the ground directly below him for a powerful, lightning-fast Meteor Smash
-New U-Air in Items mode: Link stabs upwards with the Ice Rod to freeze opponents with a spire of ice
-New F-Spec in Items mode: Link tosses the Gale Boomerang, which traps opponents in a rapidly-hitting cyclone to leave them vulnerable to attacks
-New B-Air in Hidden Skills mode: Link kicks twice behind him, just like in the official Smash games
-D-Air in Hidden Skills mode now has a Meteor Smash sweetspot at the start
-F-Air, F-Smash, and Dash Attack in Hidden Skills mode now animate much faster and better connect into their second hits


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    really high quality revamp, but we need to have a talk about your balancing skills :P

    Also why did you give most of the buffs to Items Link when Items Link was already the better character. There isn't really any point to using the HS Link side unless you really enjoy mashing up b and nothing else. HS could use buffs to all his specials cept Up B.
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