Melee Mechanics Starter Pack v1.4.1

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Version 1.4.1 1d
  • Improvement Included new files for a new installation method that works on Emunand and Sysnand CFW
Version 1.4.0 4d Addition2 Tweak Version 1.3.2 10d BugFix Version 1.3.1 24d BugFix Version 1.3 25d Improvement Addition3

UPDATE: Added an option for a near-full mechanic overhaul, which is contained in its own pack. Read more at the VERSION 1.4.0 header. I've added footage of this pack to the post, you can find more here since Youtube doesn't want to give me working embed code for the playlist:

EDIT: The Melee Mechanics .elf file included here is compatible with other .elf code mods (such as BruhLookAtThis's Fox/Falco/Wolf ShineUp+ mod). Apologies for the mistake.

This pack gives the option to change many of the mechanics in Ultimate to be more similar to Melee:
 - Wavedashing
 - Dash dancing
 - Faster initial dash acceleration
 - Increased DI
 - Increased SDI
 - Increased hitstun scaling
 - Crouch canceling
 - Full hitstun on ground bounces
 - Removal of Rage and LSI
 - Removal of gravity-based vertical knockback boost
 - Edge Canceling (more details here)

There are options in this pack for just the movement options, just the knockback/hitstun mechanics, both, or a complete overhaul of the game's mechanics to be more similar to how they are implemented in Melee (you can find the standalone DI/SDI options in my Melee/Brawl DI + SDI mod).
I've included options for Smash 4 knockback or my Reduced Balloon Knockback, as well as an option to retain the gravity-based vertical knockback boost since many characters' hit confirms and kill confirms rely on it.
You can see the movement, various knockback/hitstun options, and DI in action in the videos posted. Pretty self explanatory tbh.


Overhauled most of the systems in Ultimate to be similar or identical to Melee (as close as I could get them). Here are the changes:

 - Maximum directional airdodge landing lag: 20F -> 10F (Brings back functional wavedashing)
 - Initial dash turnaround window: 6F -> Whole initial dash (brings back dash dancing)
 - DI angle: 18°
 - SDI distance: 2 Units -> 6 Units
 - SDI input window: 4F -> 1F
 - Maximum frames between SDI inputs: 4F -> 1F
 - Crouch cancel hitstun multiplier: 0.85 -> 0.67
 - Ground/Wall bounce hitstun multiplier: 0.8 -> 1
 - Maximum rage knockback multiplier: 1.1x -> 1x
 - Maximum/Minimum LSI launch speed multipliers: 1.095/0.92 -> 1/1
 - Gravity-based knockback boost multiplier: 5 -> 0
 - Time to accelerate to full initial dash speed: 6F -> 1F
 - Buffer: 9F -> 7F (to account for input lag), 2F buffer extension removed
 - Minimum Hitlag frames: 6 -> 3
 - Damage to Hitlag Multiplier: 0.65 -> 0.3334
 - Shield Hitlag multiplier: 0.67 -> 1
 - 1v1 Damage Multiplier: 1.2 -> 1
 - Short Hop Damage Multiplier: 0.85 -> 1
 - Ledge regrab timer (ledge drop/hit off ledge): 44/30 -> 30/30
 - Max Shield HP: 50 -> 60
 - Shield degeneration per frame: 0.15 -> 0.40
 - Shield regeneration per frame: 0.08 -> 0.07
 - Drop shield lag: 11F -> 15F
 - Frames after dropping shield that shield regen is disabled: 11 -> 14
 - Dash -> Roll Window: 5F -> 2F
 - Tech input window: 12F -> 20F
 - Tech lockout duration: 28F -> 40F
 - Airdodge -> Tech window: 15F -> 1F
 - Roll/spotdodge animation duration staling removed
 - Airdodge distance staling removed
There is also an optional file with the following changes to character attributes:
 - Landing lag has been adjusted across the cast to be more similar to Melee/PM
 - Traction has been lowered by ~5% across the cast, with some exceptions (for easier edge cancels and longer wave dashes)
 - Fall speeds have been increased by ~15-20% across the cast, with some exceptions; gravity has been adjusted to better suit the new fall speeds (Makes characters weightier and less floaty, easier to combo and edgeguard)
 - Fast fall speeds have been adjusted to be within a 30-40% increase from the newly adjusted fall speeds, with the a few exceptions
 - Bayonetta and Little Mac's airdodge distance/speeds have been normalized to the rest of the cast (distance = 20, speed = 4.2, end speed = 1.3)

This new pack has an option to bring back chaingrabbing, but since this game was not designed with chaingrabbing in mind most of the characters in this game have throws that induce Brawl-level chaingrabbing, so use at your own risk.

There are also options to choose between reduced balloon knockback and Melee-styled knockback.

Finally, I've included an Extended Melee Mechanic Revamp mod. The .elf file I've packed in here contains the following changes:
 - Edge Canceling (Aerials, Dashing, Shielding/Shieldstun, Damage, Special Fall, Wavedashing, Turning, Standing)
 - Jump Cancel Grabs
 - Shield Stops
 - Shield Dropping
 - Adjusted ECBs (characters now land when their knees or knee-equivalents touch the ground, making wavelanding, wavedashing, and landing aerials easier to do)

battle_object.prc, common.prc, and fighter_param_motion.prc were edited for these mods - the edits I've made are detailed below.

Increased hitstun scaling + Balloon Knockback: battle_object.prc
 - damage_frame_mul (KB to Hitstun Multiplier): 0.4 -> 0.42
 - damage_level1 (Hitstun frames to trigger Damage2 Animations): 15 -> 16
 - damage_level2 (Hitstun frames to trigger Damage3 Animations): 21 -> 22
 - damage_level3 (Tumble hitstun threshold): 32 -> 34
 - damage_fly_speed_up_reaction_frame_min (Balloon Knockback lower threshold [in hitstun frames]): 30 -> 32
 - damage_fly_speed_up_reaction_frame_max (Balloon Knockback upper threshold [in hitstun frames]): 80 -> 84
 - damage_fly_speed_up_end_rate (multiplier to velocity/acceleration to reach end of knockback trajectory): 70 -> 25
 - damage_fly_speed_up_max_mag (multiplier to initial knockback velocity/acceleration): 6 -> 5

Smash 4 Knockback/Hitstun: battle_object.prc
 - damage_fly_speed_up_reaction_frame_min (Balloon Knockback lower threshold [in hitstun frames]): 30 -> 998
 - damage_fly_speed_up_reaction_frame_max (Balloon Knockback upper threshold [in hitstun frames]): 80 -> 999

Increased DI/SDI, removal of rage and LSI, crouch cancel, ground bounce hitstun, removal of gravity-based vertical knockback boost: common.prc
 - DI Angle
   ~ damage_fly_correction_max (Maximum DI Angle): 9.74 -> 18
 - Launch Speed Influence (LSI) multipliers
    ~ damage_fly_length_mul_min (Minimum LSI Multiplier): 0.92 -> 1
    ~ damage_fly_length_mul_max (Maximum LSI Multiplier): 1.095 -> 1
 - Hitstun Cancel
    ~ damage_fly_attack_frame (Attack Hitstun Cancel Frame): 45 -> 999
    ~ damage_fly_escape_frame (Airdodge Hitstun Cancel Frame): 40 -> 999
 - Rage
    ~ damage_reaction_mul_max (Maximum Rage KB Multiplier): 1.1 -> 1
 - SDI
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick (SDI input window): 4 -> 1
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick_mul (SDI distance): 2 -> 6
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick_frame (min frames between SDI inputs): 4 -> 1
    ~ hit_stop_delay_auto_mul (ASDI distance multiplier): 0.65 -> 0.5
 - Crouch cancel
    ~ squat_damage_reaction_mul (crouch cancel hitstun multiplier): 0.85 -> 0.67
 - Ground bounce hitstun
    ~ damage_fly_reflect_reaction_frame_mul (Hitstun multiplier for bouncing off a wall): 0.8 -> 1
 - Gravity-based vertical knockback boost removal
    ~ damage_fly_y_speed_mul (Multiplier in gravity-based vertical knockback boost formula): 5 -> 0

Dash Dancing: common.prc
 - turn_dash_frame (Frame during initial dash to be able to instantly turn around): 5 -> -1

Faster Initial Dash Acceleration: common.prc
 - dash_speed_keep_frame (amount of Frames to accelerate to full initial dash speed): 6 -> 1

Wavedashing: fighter_param_motion.prc (Edited for every character except the enemy Miis and Giga Bowser [miienemyf/miienemys/miienemyg and gkoopa respectively])
 - escape_air_slide_back_distance (Directional Airdodge 'sling' distance): Current Value -> 1
 - escape_air_slide_back_end_frame (Directional Airdodge 'sling' end frame): Current Value -> 0
 - escape_air_slide_penalty_speed (Staled directional airdodge speed): Current Value -> 'escape_air_slide_speed' Value
 - escape_air_slide_penalty_distance (Staled directional airdodge distance): Current Value -> 'escape_air_slide_distance' Value
 - landing_frame_escape_air_slide_max (Maximum directional airdodge landing lag): 20 -> 10

For the knockback/hitstun options you choose, remember to remove the suffix in parentheses after the offset before installing the mods, otherwise modinstaller will throw an error.

Offsets are for 3.1.0, but you should be able to update these mods for future versions/customize them/combine them with other mods given the information above. Have fun slip-slidin' around!

For reference, here are some other parameter changes to make some of the mechanics more Melee-esque. I've included the locations of the parameters as well as compression information for the parameter files for 3.1.0.

 - Compressed Size: 0x11FC
 - Offset: 0x1987B25D8.prc

 - Compressed Size: 0x2224
 - Offset: 0x1987B37D8.prc

 - Compressed Size: 0x65DB
 - Offset: 0x1987B8008.prc

 - Compressed Size: 0x23A1
 - Offset: 0x1987BE5E8.prc


 - hitstop_frame_add (Base hitlag frames): 6 -> 3
 - hitstop_frame_mul (Damage to hitlag multiplier): 0.65 -> 0.3334

1v1 Damage Multiplier:
 - 0x1af80fd893, First Entry (1v1 Damage Multiplier) [If you're using prcEditor, it's the array toward the bottom of the main struct]: 1.2 -> 1


Chain Grabbing:
 - invalid_capture_frame (Regrab immunity frames): 60 -> 0

Ledge regrab timers:
 - You can set these values to whatever you feel is best, though I recommend not dropping below 25 as any lower will cause you to re-snap to ledge immediately if your character can't move fast enough if you try to drop off without fastfalling.
 - cliff_no_catch_frame (Frames before you can grab the ledge after dropping from it):  44 -> 25
 - damage_cliff_no_catch_frame (Frames before you can grab the ledge after being hit off it): 30 -> 25

 - shield_max (Max shield HP): 50 -> 60
 - shield_dec1 (Shield degeneration per frame): 0.15 -> 0.14
 - shield_recovery1 (Shield regeneration per frame): 0.08 -> 0.07
 - guard_off_cancel_frame (Drop shield lag): 11 -> 15
 - guard_off_disable_shield_recovery (Frames after dropping shield that shield regen is disabled): 10 -> 14
 - shield_setoff_escape (Number of hits for shieldstun cancel): 10 -> 999
 - shield_setoff_catch_frame (Frames until shield grab is possible after shield stun): 4 -> 0

Short Hop Damage Multiplier:
 - mini_jump_attack_mul (Short hop damage multiplier): 0.85 -> 1

 - passive_trigger_frame (Tech input window): 12 -> 20
 - 0x14459066dd (Tech lockout duration): 28 -> 40
 - air_escape_passive_trigger_frame (Airdodge -> tech window): 15 -> 1

Untechable Knockback:
 - invalid_passive_speed (Maximum launch speed to tech): 6 -> 999

Roll/Spotdodge Staling:
 - escape_penalty_frame (Frame duration from ending dodge for counting penalty): 60 -> 1
 - escape_penalty_max_count (Max penalty count): 5 -> 1
 - escape_penalty_recovry_frame (Frame duration from starting dodge to remove 1 penalty count): 120 -> 1
 - escape_penalty_motion_rate (Speed multiplier decrease per penalty count for spotdodges): 0.06 -> 0
 - escape_penalty_f_motion_rate (Speed multiplier decrease per penalty count for forward rolls): 0.06 -> 0
 - escape_penalty_b_motion_rate (Speed multiplier decrease per penalty count for back rolls): 0.1 -> 0


Fighter Attributes (e.g. Walk speed, run speed, air speed, fall speed, gravity, landing lag, etc.)


Fighter invincibility data (Rolls, spotdodges, airdodges), spotdodge FAF/spotdodge canceling, airdodge distance and speed data

You can find more info about other parameters in this handy document, compiled by members of the modding discord:



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