Melee/Brawl DI + SDI

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Version 2 1mo
  • Addition Added option to revert SDI back to Melee/Brawl levels.
  • Improvement Named the parameter entries that were edited.
Increases the DI angle from 9.74 degrees to 18 degrees, like in Melee/Brawl. Includes an option to remove Launch Speed Influence (LSI), one to remove LSI, Rage, and Hitstun Canceling altogether, and one to remove LSI, Rage, and Hitstun Canceling while reverting SDI to Melee/Brawl levels. Only common.prc was edited for this mod.

 - 0x1987B37D8_ultimate.prc: Only changes the DI angle, does not touch anything else related to defensive mechanics.
 - 0x1987B37D8_no_lsi.prc: Changes the DI angle and removes LSI.
 - 0x1987B37D8_no_lsi_rage_hitstun_cancel.prc: Removes LSI, Rage, and Hitstun Canceling.
 - 0x1987B37D8_no_lsi_rage_hitstun_cancel_sdi.prc: Removes LSI, Rage, and Hitstun Canceling, and reverts SDI to Melee/Brawl Levels.

Parameters edited:
 - DI Angle
   ~ damage_fly_correction_max (Maximum DI Angle): 9.74 -> 18
 - Launch Speed Influence (LSI) multipliers
    ~ damage_fly_length_mul_min (Minimum LSI Multiplier): 0.92 -> 1
    ~ damage_fly_length_mul_max (Maximum LSI Multiplier): 1.095 -> 1
 - Hitstun Cancel
    ~ damage_fly_attack_frame (Attack Hitstun Cancel Frame): 45 -> 999
    ~ damage_fly_escape_frame (Airdodge Hitstun Cancel Frame): 40 -> 999
 - Rage
    ~ damage_reaction_mul_max (Maximum Rage KB Multiplier): 1.1 -> 1
 - SDI
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick (SDI input window): 4 -> 1
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick_mul (SDI distance): 2 -> 6
    ~ hit_stop_delay_flick_frame (min frames between SDI inputs): 4 -> 1
    ~ hit_stop_delay_auto_mul (ASDI distance multiplier): 0.65 -> 0.5

Offset is for 3.1.0, but given the information above you should be able to easily update/customize this mod for future versions.

Included the uncompressed files as well in case you want to customize your own version of this mod.
*NOTE: You will have to compress the files again with smashpad in order to install them. The compression offset and size are in a .txt file in the download.

Be sure to remove the filename suffixes ("_ultimate", "_no_lsi", "_no_lsi_rage_hitstun_cancel", "_no_lsi_rage_hitstun_cancel_sdi") and leave only the offset in the filename before installing, or else modinstaller will throw an error (your chosen file should look like this before installing: 0x1987B37D8.prc).



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