AI Upscaled Half-Life 2

A Mod for Half-Life 2

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All original textures increased 4 times in resolution with Topaz Gigapixel AI.

This mod was made by deeppurple1968 for original Half-Life 2. It had interested me, so I decided to make a fixed version for HL2: Update and MMod patch and upload the mod here with the permission of the author, because this mod deserves attention. Link to the original mod is attached.

I think it has more sense to put this textures on Update (especially with MMod) for better experience and overall picture, but this is your choice, just saying ;) . There's also some minor improvements in Update version, like more increased resolution for a couple of textures, normal maps for some various models, etc.

Tell me if you'll notice any texture bugs.
And sorry for my English :P

Download from the alternate links.


Half-Life 2:
1. Download all archives from the google drive page.
2. Extract 4X_AI_DP68_Textures folder from the main archive into Half-Life 2 > hl2 > custom folder.
3. Do the same with the other 2 archives and confirm the files replacement.

Half-Life 2: Update:
1. Download the archive for HL2: Update
2. Extract HL2_Upscaled folder into Half-Life 2: Update > hl2 > custom.

1. Download the right archive(s) (depends on which version your MMod is based)
2. Download the patch.
3. Do the same as in previous paragraphs, but extract the folder(s) into sourcemods > HL2MMod_HL2 (or _HL2U) > custom.
4. Extract the patch folders (materials and models) into the mod's folder and confirm the file replacement.


Alternate File Sources

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    Wonderful mod right there. Good job!
    OBM and ZPS Developer
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    Not working for me. I suspect it has to do with case sensitivity on Linux and the mismatched cases between the VMT's and the actual directory structure.
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    Great work but some textures, surprisingly, are two times bigger than what it should be in the game, which kind of spoils the mod :(.
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    Great work! But what about episodes? 
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    Thank you for this tremendous effort :)
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    Hey, can you please make this compactible with Garry's Mod?
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    Totally not Antlion.
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    I wonder which AI was used for this.
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    То, чего я так долго ждал, спасибо тебе!
    That is what I waited so long, thank you!
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    Damn, now I want 8 times resolution
    >tfw dead gf
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    This is probably the best mod i have seen in a long time.
    Thank you mister, you have done an excellent work on that  
    Live in Reality
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Key Authors
Сreator of upscaled textures
JohnnyBrown Joined 2mo ago
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Fixed version for HL2: Update, MMod patch, some minor improvements
Original Authors
Original textures


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